Give Your Patients the Best Service and Care — So They Keep Coming Back

From the first phone call to the consultation, treatment, follow-ups, and beyond, the Patients for Life® program will show your whole team how to provide a consistently exceptional experience for every patient.

89% of Customers Will Stop Doing Business With a Company Because of Poor Customer Service

Stand Out by Providing Better Patient Experiences

Audigy’s exclusive Patients for Life (PFL) process makes it happen, and our hands-on training shows you how to build a practice that patients not only return to for all their hearing needs but also want to share with friends and family.

Maximize the initial patient contact — because, on average, it costs $500 to make the phone ring!

Ensure a remarkable patient experience the moment they walk through your door.

Improve consultations through strong emotional connections with your patients, allowing you to make informed treatment recommendations.

Fulfill your service commitment to your patients beyond the consultation — including fittings, follow-ups, and more.

My practice took what was taught at the Patients for Life seminar, and it has created phenomenal results. Thank you and your team for giving my practice a way not only to help our patients but to sustain the practice financially.”

Dr. Mark Welch, D.O., FAOCO, Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Center

Training a Front Office Staff That Will Set More Appointments and Retain More Patients

Improve Your Phone Calls

Learn the elements of a great call, and set more appointments through providing an exceptional patient experience.

Give the Best Hospitality

You will see and learn what top practices do to make their offices more inviting. Make a great first impression through processes that set you apart from your competition.

Outbound Calling & Patient Retention

Get the tools to convert tested-not-treated patients, structure your outbound calling process, and retain your current patients through outbound calling.

I found Patients For Life (PFL) to be very valuable. Whether you have been on the job for days or years, you can benefit from the vast pool of knowledge available to you from the instructors and the other attendees.”

Karen Beckwith – Office Manager, The Hearing Connection LLC

Provider and Physician Training to Treat More Patients

e-patient® is a first-of-its-kind revolutionary digital patient platform for the exam room that increases practice profitability and provides consistent patient interaction through a digital-delivery best-practices system.

Validating Objections: Transfer your personal clinical knowledge into a new revolutionary patient-education tool.

The Consultation: Learn how to connect with your patients in a meaningful way, understand their needs, and provide the best treatment recommendation.

Treatment, Follow-Up, and Patient Retention: Deliver elite care, cultivate existing patient relationships, and connect with those who were tested-not-treated.

Team Transformation Yields 103% Net Profit Increase

After attending the Patients for Life training, working directly with their Professional Development Manager, Audiology of the Sandhills saw a 103% net profit increase.

Provide your patients with the best experience possible so they keep coming back and refer their friends and family.