Get More Patients Into Your Practice

With Audigy you get exclusive tools and resources to increase your patient flow, help you convert more prospects into patients, and retain those patients for life.

Increase Inbound Leads With Targeted Marketing Solutions

From reaching patients who are searching for “audiologist near me” to building a complete physician-referral program, Audigy has the experience, team, and resources that will ensure you are consistently driving new patients into your practice.

The patient flow generated and the brand projected with little effort on our parts is irreplaceable. We couldn’t imagine not having our Audigy marketing team managing our social media, website, online reviews, paid search marketing, and local SEO.”

— Jennifer LaBorde, Family Hearing Co.

A Team to Build and Implement Campaigns, Based on Your Practice’s Needs and Goals

The days of figuring out what your next marketing campaign will be or wondering if the latest digital marketing tactic is right for your practice are gone. Your marketing manager and Audigy’s in-house marketing team will take on all the heavy lifting, dissecting the complex marketing world, creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that will drive inbound leads, and enhancing your practice’s brand.

“My marketing managers have been key to developing, implementing, and tracking my massive marketing programs.”

– Sunni McBride, South Bay Hearing

Maximize Your Inbound Leads by Converting More Into Patients

Whether you’re investing in a paid search campaign or a physician-referral program, we can help ensure you have everything in place to convert inbound leads into patients.

With access to your own Professional Development team, individual coaching, online training modules, Audigy’s exclusive Patients for Life® training, and the digital patient platform e-patient®, Audigy members are able to convert and retain more patients.

“With the help of Audigy’s Professional Development team and Patients for Life training, we were able to increase our hearing aid sales by 43%.”

Susan Gore, Coastal Hearing Centers

Know Exactly Where All Your Inbound Leads Are Coming From

No more guessing which marketing campaign or source is bringing you the most patients. With Audigy’s exclusive platform Pulse and call-tracking tools, you will know exactly how each marketing campaign is performing, which ones are driving the most hearing aid sales, and where to focus all your inbound lead-generation efforts for an optimal return on investment.

Over 1,200 Referrals From Physicians

See how a physician-referral program for Cityview Audiology & Hearing Aids generated over 1,200 patient referrals and elevated their practice as community hearing care experts.

Get a team to help your practice deliver consistent and quality inbound leads.