The Easiest Way to Nurture Your Patient Database

Our marketing automation program will save you time, strengthen the bond with your patients, and help you increase hearing aid sales and profits.

“Marketing Automation makes outbound calling less cumbersome, making it easier for us to reach out to patients we haven’t seen in years. We can see already how it triggers them to come in so we can address any problems they are experiencing and ensure they are hearing well.”

— Cathy Howard, Better Hearing Services

Engagement. Retention. Advocacy. Simplified.

Where will your patients go when they need new hearing technology? Your competitor? Costco? Or are they going to choose you?

Create better patient experiences and hearing health outcomes.


Keep your practice top of mind with patients when it is time to purchase or repurchase hearing aid technology.

Save your team time by assisting with contacting tested-not-treated patients, extended-warranty patients, appointment reminders, and more!

Seamlessly and Conveniently Carry Out Critical Patient Touch Points

The Audigy marketing automation program is designed to reach and engage your patients at every point in their life cycle through specific, targeted, and personalized communication.

Introduce new patients to your practice

Create expectations leading up to the initial visit

Remind patients of their appointments

Educate patients based on their status as new or experienced hearing aid users

Check in with tested-not-treated patients to keep them engaged

Remind patients when it’s time to schedule yearly checkups

Save time and strengthen the bond with your patients using marketing automation.