Track the Health of Your Business in an Easy-to-Use Online Dashboard

Pulse pulls together key performance indicators (KPIs) like conversion rates, binaural rates, return rates, financial metrics, and inbound marketing calls, so you always know how your business is performing.

Measure All Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing Efforts

Opportunities and Patient Mix

Understand your opportunity flow and patient mix to know where you should focus your efforts.

Inbound Call Conversions

See how effectively front office staff are converting prospect calls into appointments. Even break down the calls by employee and location.

Patient Experience Score

Ensure your practice is delivering a high level of customer service to all your patients over the phone. Track successes and identify areas of improvement.

Outbound Call Metrics

Track how many calls each employee makes as well as conversion rate for those outbound calls.

Your Most Important Hearing Aid Sales
Metrics in One Place

Hearing Aid Units Sold

Know at a practice, location, and individual level how many hearing aids have been sold in a particular month.

Go Beyond Hearing Aids Sold

See the conversion percentage, binaural rate, average selling price, and returns all at the practice or individual level.

Effectiveness Ratio

See how effective each provider, practice, or location is in meeting hearing aid sales goals.

Revenue Per Provider

See the average monthly revenue per provider or the specific amount for each provider.

Measure Your Practice’s
Financial Health

Net Revenue

See your net revenue in a year-to-date format or view it as a 12-month trend.

Percent of Net Revenue

See the percentage of your net revenue by COGS, operating expenses, profit, and owner’s discretionary earnings.

Breakeven Analysis

Know the number of units your practice needs for covering COGS and operating expenses to remain profitable.

Get a Team To Help You Take Action on This Data, and Become More Successful

Your Strategic Business Unit — which comprises operations, marketing, finance, human resource, and professional development managers — will be able to evaluate and help you manage your business by recognizing trends, capitalizing on opportunities, and clearly defining and prioritizing action items.

Get the right data so you know where to focus your efforts to accomplish your practice goals.