Improve Your Operations. Identify Hidden Opportunities.

Audigy’s Operations and Business Development teams are more than just business intelligence; they provide clarity on all aspects of your practice, identify what is possible in your market, provide expansion strategies, and much more.

Finding Ways for
Your Practice to Be More Efficient and Effective

Your Audigy Operations Manager does more than just look under the hood of your business. They work with you to understand every aspect of your business and market, to give you recommendations based on our entire membership’s experience, and to show you what’s truly possible in your practice.

My Operations Managers have kept me focused on the important aspects needed to run my business. It’s easy to get caught up in nonproductive activities that waste time. It takes focused effort to make intentional changes in your business.”

Sunni McBride, South Bay Hearing

Solutions to Accomplish Your Goals For Any Stage You Are In

Audigy’s Business Development team delivers the information and strategic direction needed to help you capitalize on the unique opportunities in your market and within your practice that lead to goal achievement.

Expansion and Acquisition Support

Interested in expanding into new markets? Looking to increase your market presence in your existing practice boundary? Want to know what it takes to acquire a practice? Our Business Development team can help you make the right decision at the right time for your desired vision of growth.

Exit Strategies and Valuations

Ready to retire or move on to the next step that’s right for you? It’s never too early to start developing your succession plan. We’ll help you establish a fair market value for your business, offer strategies for eliminating outstanding debt, and help you court potential buyers for your practice. This is your legacy. It deserves the right strategy.

Financial Health Analysis

Are you spending your dollars or reinvesting them? The Audigy Business Development team will help you understand what’s possible in your business today and tomorrow, while also helping you to understand what peers in similar markets are able to achieve. We’ll create real benchmarks to measure your success and plot a clear, actionable plan to achieve it!

Get a Deep Dive Into Your Audiology or Medical Practice

Practice Assessment for Medical Practices

Your medical practice assessment is an on-site, collaborative deep dive into your current processes. We provide you a comprehensive snapshot of your business’s current health and its potential for increased efficiency.

Practice Maturity Platform for Audiology Practices

Audigy’s Practice Maturity Platform will show you where you stand across a variety of cultural, operational, and financial metrics. We will show you what your business needs to continue to evolve and grow.

The practice assessment was invaluable to us. Audigy Medical helped us identify our areas of opportunity, created a game plan that outlined what we needed to do, walked us through each step, and held us accountable along the way.”

Ely Shapiro, Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat

Track Your Results and Identify Areas of Improvement

You can’t know the true effectiveness of your practice unless you are tracking the right key performance indicators (KPIs). With Audigy’s exclusive online reporting dashboard, Pulse, you can see gaps that exist in your practice, areas you are excelling in, and opportunities to increase profits. You can always see your business health at a glance.

An Exit Strategy Leads to Retirement and a New Practice Owner

See how Audigy’s Business Development and Operations teams helped three parties achieve their dreams.

Get the Tools to Improve Your Operations and Identify Hidden Opportunities.