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The Owner’s Journey: Moving From Doer to Manager

As the owner of a hearing care business, are you ready to go from working in your practice to working on your practice? Discover the different levels of ownership and how to align those levels with your career plan in order to achieve your goals.

Topic: Business Development


How to Be a Private-Pay Player in a Third-Party World

With the infiltration of third party administrators into hearing health care, private pay opportunities are critical for the health of an audiology practice and possibly more challenging to find. Join Debbie Abel, Au.D., and Jeremy Roulin, VP of Member Operations, to find out how we got here and how to secure a stronghold in your practice whether you take these plans or not.

Topic: Billing/Coding


Cash Flow 101: Essential Strategies for Hearing Care Success

Do finance-related conversations go over your head? Conquer your fears with this straight-talk primer offering the practical information you need to get, keep, and grow revenue for your hearing care practice.

Topic: Finance


Recruiting by Connection: Networking Webinar – December 2023

Human Resource Managers Steve Hughbanks, SHRM-SCP, and Holly Garets provide insight into what a network is and how to leverage it for recruiting.

Topic: HR


Protect Your Business From Cybercrime

Audigy’s IT Experts discuss the dangers of cybercrime, the importance of HIPAA-compliant systems, and how everyone contributes to cyber safety. Learn how to protect your digital information, recognize email scams and spoofs, and identify physical and network security gaps within your business.

Topic: Security


Your Reputation Precedes You – Owning Your Online Reputation

A brand’s online reputation can make or break its bottom line. Knowing how to moderate negative and encourage positive engagement shows current and potential patients that a practice values everyone they do business with. Learn to adopt your brand’s voice when engaging with patients online by remaining calm in the face of criticism, vigilant for bad actors, and matching the excitement of your best advocates.

Topic: Marketing


Operation Success

Every office could use fine-tuning from time to time. Learn three low-effort, high-impact adjustments that will ensure your practice has the right processes in place to achieve operational success.

Topic: Operations

Maximizing Your Money

You don’t have to be a finance whiz or a billing and coding guru to spot and eliminate gaps in your collections processes. Learn from Audigy experts some simple steps that can help you speed up reimbursements and capture revenue more efficiently.

Topic: Finance

Digital Security

You don’t have to be an IT professional to keep your practice safe from cybersecurity threats and prevent the loss of time and money. Learn From Audigy’s IT Team, who have helped keep hundreds of practices safe and secure, as they cover a variety of ways to protect your digital information and ensure your practice stays HIPAA compliant.

Topic: Security

Addressing Hearing Loss & Comorbidities

With cognitive decline and other serious conditions linked to hearing loss, are you seeing the whole patient? Join Audigy and Starkey to learn about hearing-related comorbidity trends and considerations for future patient needs.

Topic: Comorbidities

Maximize Your Patient Database & Communicate Authentically

Learn about the necessary tools and processes to optimize and maintain your patient database, as well as leverage it to improve the overall patient experience.

Topic: Marketing, Operations

Conflicts Without Casualties

Learn why conflict exists, and get practical solutions to tackle conflict head-on, including using emotional intelligence to navigate those tough conversations. At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to rely on the information and skills learned to handle conflict within their practices.

Topic: Team Alignment

Too Many Open Tabs: The Multitasking Myths

You have many, many responsibilities at work, and even more interruptions. This webinar aims to equip you with strategies and processes to help you become an overachiever without overexerting yourself.

Topic: Operations & Efficiency

Positioning Your Practice For the Future

There are a lot of variables causing disruption in the market right now: third party payers, over-the-counter hearing aids, telehealth, you name it.

Topic: Business Operations

Overcoming Patient Objections

Maximizing opportunities in your practice includes crushing the barriers that stand between you and the people who need your services. Find out what the most common types of patient objections are, the importance of clarification to validate them, and tips for making your patients feel understood and heard.

Topic: Patient Engagement & Retention

Creating a Winning Marketing Plan for Your Practice

Marketing is more than attracting prospects. Keeping current patients is just as critical. Learn the components of an effective marketing plan and current marketing trends you can leverage.

Topic: Marketing

Teamwork: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Achieving your practice goals is nearly impossible without teamwork. Learn the three qualities that create the ideal team player, five factors that undercut productive teamwork, and how to improve your organization’s teamwork.

Topic: Team Alignment

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