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Our team will help remove the stress and confusion associated with billing and coding to ensure you maximize your reimbursements.

Get the help you deserve and simplify the world of billing and coding.

We will keep you up-to-date on regulatory changes that may impact your practice.

Get answers to questions related to audiology billing and compliance.

We can assist with contract renegotiations to ensure your practice is not negatively affected.

Get help understanding the third-party-payer landscape, how it could affect your practice, and how to manage those types of relationships.

As any audiologist knows, Deb Abel is the guru’s guru when it comes to insurance coding and compliance.

Audigy members are very fortunate to have Deb and her team as an in-house resource. As the practice manager and insurance processor for our practice, they have provided me with invaluable insight and information to help me understand the hows and whys of filing claims that actually get paid.”

— Gina Trant, Hearing Healthcare, practice manager

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Audigy members get access to the live CEO Forum, where you can get billing and coding tips from owners, team members, and our billing and coding team.

See what other practices are asking regarding billing, coding, insurance, and third-party contracts.

Get answers to your questions from our billing and coding team.

Get feedback from practices across the country as to how they are handling certain insurance and contracting situations.

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