Get More 5-Star Online Reviews

With over 85% of consumers trusting online reviews, and being a big factor in your local search rankings, having an online review strategy is more important than ever.

A Simplified Way to Get Positive Reviews
From Your Patients

Getting patients to post online reviews about your practice can be a challenging process. We remove all the barriers and provide a seamless way for your patients to leave online reviews on popular sites like Google and Yelp.

Easily Ask for the Review

After an appointment, your online review program sends a request to that patient via text or email. Text messages see a 90% response rate versus the 20% response rate of email.

Guiding the Patient

When the patient receives the message, it guides them through the review experience, ensuring you receive more positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other review sites.

Notified of Negative Feedback

Be notified of a negative experience: If the patient’s review is negative, they have the option of sending feedback directly to your practice instead of posting to online review sites.

“I’m telling you that there is magic in the online reviews program. So if any of you are looking to increase your online reviews, I would highly recommend this program.”

Kelly Hansen, Trinity Hearing & Balance

What Makes Audigy’s Program Different?

There are many companies that offer online review aggregation and automated requests. Audigy’s online reviews program will:

Integrate with most practice software providers so review requests are automatically sent when appointments are complete


Provide coaching, guidance, and training to your teams on how best to implement and use this software in your office


Vet all the software providers to make sure that we are connecting you with the most secure and effective provider


Grow and adapt to meet our members’ needs to help grow their online reputations

217 New Online Reviews on Google and Facebook

In an ever-changing audiology landscape, a Western Kentucky practice recognized the importance of having up-to-date, honest reviews online to help consumers find their practice and to ultimately help more people hear better.

Ensure your practice is standing out from the competition with more 5-star online reviews.