Improve Your Team, Maximize Patient
Opportunities, See Revenue Grow

Professional Development to Maximize Your Patient Opportunities

Your Professional Development team provides not only the best coaches but also the strategies and creativity to affect people’s thinking and actions. We’ll show you a clear path to capturing practice opportunities, which will help you and your entire staff maximize what you already do well to create patients for life.

Assist and train office staff with inbound- and outbound-calling efforts

Treat more patients with provider-effectiveness training

We monitor daily, weekly, and monthly performance, and provide recommendations based on results

Our Professional Development Manager helps shoulder the burden of training our staff. They have interfaced with my front office to help them improve their call conversion to the stellar rates we have today.”

Sunni McBride, South Bay Hearing

Stand Out by Providing Better Patient Experiences

From the first phone call to the consultation, fittings, follow-ups, and beyond, it’s important to provide a consistently exceptional experience for every patient.

Audigy’s exclusive Patients for Life® (PFL) process makes it happen, and our hands-on training shows you how to build a practice that patients not only return to for all their hearing needs but want to share with friends and family.

Maximize the initial patient contact — because on average, it costs $500 to make the phone ring!

Ensure a remarkable patient experience the moment they walk through your door.

Improve consultations through strong emotional connections with your patients, allowing you to make informed treatment recommendations.

Fulfill your service commitment to your patients beyond the consultation — including fittings, follow-ups, and more.

Improve Patient
Experiences and Increase Profitability With e-patient®

e-patient is a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary digital patient platform for the exam room that increases practice profitability and provides consistent patient interaction through a digital-delivery best-practices system.

Transfer your personal clinical knowledge into a new revolutionary patient-education tool.

Increase your practice’s close and binaural rates to increase profits.

Provide your patients with consistency and quality care during all their interactions and appointments.

Differentiate your knowledge and professionalism from any other providers in the market.

Keep Learning and Growing With Year-Round Live and On-Demand Training

Our work doesn’t stop when prospects are contacting your practice. We ensure you have the tools and strategies to convert those leads into appointments.

Audigy members have access to a library of educational webinars, in-person trainings like Provider Boot Camp, and a network of over 500 providers across the United States and Canada sharing best practices.

Professional Development and Patients for Life® Training Leads to 43% Revenue Growth

Coastal Hearing Centers had accomplished steady growth since its 1989 launch — including expansion from one location to three — but was experiencing some team challenges.

Get a more effective team and maximize all your patient opportunities.