Focus on Your Patients. Let Us Worry About the Back Office.

Take weight off your shoulders, nurture patient relationships, and fine-tune your practice’s efficiency with back-office solutions to help you, your team, and your practice reach critical goals. Audigy’s back-office services include IT support, bookkeeping, billing and collections, credentialing, and coding and contracting.

Take Advantage of All the Benefits Provided by Audigy’s Back-Office Solutions

Keep Your Staff Patient-Focused

Any function not related to your practice’s core competency distracts from generating revenue and growing the practice. Focus your valuable time and energy on patient flow, patient retention, and profitability.

Boost Your Practice’s Efficiency

The more functions you and your staff juggle, the more difficult it becomes to pinpoint which practice processes lead to inefficiencies and why. Offloading back-office functions gives you the time and brainpower to troubleshoot and streamline processes, leading to greater practice efficiency.

Streamline Communication

You would have to juggle numerous relationships if you outsourced all these services to separate vendors. With us, you only have to worry about one trusted point of contact for the complete suite of solutions.

Reap the Privileges of Membership

If you’re a member of Audigy, you can use your business-development funds toward the cost of services. You can also feel confident that your finance manager is receiving regular updates and reports from all these teams to inform strategy discussions.

Enjoy Holistic Support From Audigy With All of Our Billing and Coding Services


Verifying to health insurers, hospitals, and surgery centers that you and your providers are qualified for patient care takes a lot of time. Let our team handle the credentialing, so your team can focus on practice operations.

Billing and Collections

What if you could make your practice more efficient, increase your cash flow, and free up time to focus on your patients? Our billing and collections service can make that a reality.

Coding and Contracting

Our team will simplify the world of coding and contracting, keep you up to date on regulatory changes that may impact your practice, assist with contract renegotiations, and much more.

Bookkeeping Services to Increase the Accuracy, Consistency, and Visibility of Your Financial Results

With Audigy Bookkeeping Services, you have full-time support from our accounting team to input, manage, and maintain your financial data. Our team coordinates with your practice and your Audigy finance manager to cover all financing responsibilities.

“I strongly urge you to work with Audigy’s Bookkeeping Services. They have really helped us get our process into shape. Audigy Bookkeeping Services is worth the investment — they stay on top of everything.”

— Molly Parker, Parker Audiolgy, P.C.

IT Services to Keep Your Practice Secure and Improve Productivity

Our IT team utilizes best practices, standardized equipment, and best-in-class service so that you can devote your time and energy to your patients.

You can reduce costs and be more efficient with an all-in-one, integrated office network.

Get comprehensive IT support so you have one less thing to worry about. We offer the tools and team to prevent viruses, malware, and spyware. Get problems solved conveniently with remote solutions.

Back-Office Efficiency That Saves You Time and Energy

Your time and energy are at a premium. A holistic back-office solution makes it easy to lift a burden off your shoulders — the weight of duties keeping you from focusing on patient care and driving revenue.