Reach More Patients Searching for Your Services

From quality and relevant website content to local listings to social engagement, there are many factors that go into local search rankings. With Audigy’s comprehensive Local SEO program, we take care of all these factors so you can stand out from the competition.

Get a Website That Search Engines (and Your Patients) Will Love

Everything about your website should be built for your patients. By following this strategy, you not only make your patients happy, but you make search engines happy. This is the formula we follow and provide to our members. Search engines want to deliver the most relevant search results for search terms like “what kind of hearing aids are best?” or “audiologist near me.”

Website Optimization

Revising your website for technical SEO such as title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, site maps, internal link structure, header structure, and external links

Relevant Content

Your website will be built with content that answers questions patients are searching for, further establishing your practice as the go-to experts in your market

Be Found in Hundreds of Local Listing Directories

The purpose of a local listing profile is to make your practice visible on the internet; the more directories in which your practice information (name, address, phone number) exists, the higher the chance your practice will appear in local search results. Your digital team:


Distributes your practice information to 150+ local listing directories


Claims and manages local listings, and monitors online reviews


Validates that your information is accurate and consistent


Optimizes listing content to increase visibility

Making It Easier to Be Engaged on Social Media

Social media is an avenue for staying engaged with your patients even when they are not in your office. It also plays a key role in your overall search rankings. Our social media experts will:

Perform an audit to identify existing social media pages, social media setup needs, and redundancies in social media accounts
Set up new social media accounts that are most relevant to your audience

Create robust and engaging social media accounts with pictures, custom graphics, profile descriptions, and effective calls to action

Train you and your staff on social media tactics that will drive results

Want to get more inbound leads from social media? We can help with that, too.

Ongoing Optimization Based on Clear Reporting

Clear Reporting

Never guess or worry how your website has been performing. Access to a live reporting dashboard keeps you abreast of all your key performance indicators, so you will always know what has been done to improve your results.

Ongoing Optimization

Local SEO is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process that requires updates to your website, new content, updates to your local listings, and a constant social media presence.

Get a comprehensive SEO strategy, so when someone searches for “audiologist near me,” your practice is in front of them.