Get a Team That Shortens Your To-Do List So You Can Accomplish Your Goals

Your Strategic Business Unit team includes experts in operations, marketing, finance, human resources, and professional development, all working directly together to help you accomplish your goals and become more successful than ever.

We Improve Your Operations and Efficiencies.

Your Audigy operations manager does more than just look under the hood of your business. They work with you to understand every aspect of your business and market, to give you recommendations based on our entire membership’s experience, and to show you what’s truly possible in your practice.

“It’s easy to get caught up in unproductive activities that waste time. My Operations Managers have kept me focused on the important aspects needed to run my business.”

Sunni McBride, South Bay Hearing

We Are Here to Increase Patient Flow and Strengthen Your Brand

With an expert Marketing Manager dedicated to your practice and Audigy’s 50-person in-house creative agency at your service for design, content, media, and digital marketing strategy and execution, gain the power to stand out in your market and to stay top of mind.

My Marketing Manager has been key to developing, implementing, and tracking my massive marketing programs. Every marketing idea doesn’t have to come out of my head like it did in the beginning. And it drives business!”

Sunni McBride, South Bay Hearing

We Ensure You Have Accurate and Reliable Financial Strategies for Your Practice

Your Finance team tackles the complex tasks — budgeting, projections, forecasting, monthly financial statement reviews, and more — while increasing your financial awareness, so you can confidently make the daily, monthly, and yearly decisions needed to help your business thrive.

They have brought my receivables down and made my financial reporting reliable. They have developed incentive plans and help calculate my incentives, which used to take me hours to do each month.”

Sunni McBride, South Bay Hearing

We Find Ways to Improve Your Team and Maximize Patient Opportunities

Audigy’s Professional Development team provides not only the best coaches but also the strategies and creativity to affect people’s thinking and actions. We’ll show you a clear path to capturing practice opportunities, which will help you and your entire staff maximize what you already do well to create patients for life.

Our Professional Development Manager helps shoulder the burden of training our staff. They have interfaced with my front office to help them improve their call conversion to the stellar rates we have today.”

Sunni McBride, South Bay Hearing

We Help You Find the Right Team

Whether it’s helping you attract, develop, and retain high-quality talent; aligning your staff with the goals of your business; or maintaining compliance in an ever-evolving workplace, your Human Resources Team provides expertise to position your practice for success today, tomorrow, and beyond.

My Human Resources Manager keeps me out of trouble and helps in finding new recruits for our office. The value of the service they provide is really worth the investment.”

Sunni McBride, South Bay Hearing

Get more time to focus on patients and what is most important to you.