A Team to Help You Find the Right Team

Whether you need to hire a new provider or need to create a compensation plan, your Human Resources Manager and team can take care of that and more.

Get a Human Resource Manager to Help You Attract, Retain, and Develop High-Quality Talent

Effectively managing a team means motivating a wide variety of personalities around a common set of goals. It isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Your human resources manager takes an active role in supporting the success of your team by helping you attract, develop, and retain the high-quality people who equal the difference between having employees and having a team.

Help navigate and understand state and federal employee regulations

Coaching for you and your team

Create performance improvement and compensation plans

Provide interview strategies to ensure you are asking the right types of questions

Create reward-package strategies

Provide counseling tools for you and your team

My dedicated human resources manager has helped me tighten up my policies and procedures. I’m a better person to work for because of the HR support that I receive through Audigy.”

– Susan Tualia, Au.D., Owner of Lafayette Hearing Center

Building a Dream Team Allowed Audiology of the Sandhills to Increase Profits by 103%

See how Audigy’s human resources and professional development experts worked closely with the practice to transform the business.

Get a human resource team to help you attract, retain, and develop high-quality talent.