Solutions to Help ENT and Audiology Practices Overcome Today’s Biggest Challenges

From decreasing reimbursements, increased competition, and more options for patients, Audigy has the solutions and resources to help your practice achieve your goals.

Everything Is Tailored to Your Type of Practice

We understand each practice is unique, whether it be an audiology practice or a medical practice. Audigy provides members dedicated consultants who specialize in working with each practice type.

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Get the Time to Focus on What Is Most Important to You

One of the big reasons audiology and ENT practices partner with Audigy is because they want to remove the daily tasks that are bogging them down and taking away from what they are most passionate about.

With a 1.5:1 member-to-Audigy employee ratio, we are able to provide the support you deserve! In fact, our 50-person marketing team alone is bigger than many networks.

SBU Structure

  • “Audigy has provided us with the structure and resources to grow our business in a way that we never imagined.  Our practice was established in 2001 by a single provider.  We joined Audigy Group in 2013 and in one year grew a whopping 59%. We would have not grown our business in our saturated urban market without the support of Audigy.”

    Sheri Gostomelsky, Au.D.
    Sheri Gostomelsky, Au.D. Owner & Founder of Audiology Associates of Deerfield

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