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Marketing and Creative Services

Get access to Audigy’s full-service agency with all of your design, content, media, and digital marketing strategy under one roof.

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We work with you to understand every aspect of your business and market so you can become a more efficient and operationally effective practice.

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Your finance team tackles budgeting, projections, forecasting, financial statement reviews, and more, so you can have a financially healthy practice.

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Billing and Coding

Our team of billing and coding experts will help simplify processes and ensure you get the reimbursements you are entitled to.

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Human Resources

Get a team that will assist with every aspect of human resources, from recruitment to compensation plans, performance plans, and more.

Professional Development

Professional Development

We will work with you and your staff to perfect roles and elevate patient experiences, creating a more effective and profitable practice.

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Business Development

Your business development team offers complete acquisition, exit, and expansion strategies to help take your practice to the next phase.

Team Collaboration

Support of Nearly 200 In-House Business Experts

Audigy members have the support of nearly 200 in-house business experts to put plans into action.

Instead of outsourcing or using third-party companies, your marketing, finance, operations, human resources, business development, and billing and coding teams are all under one roof. This allows each team the ability to collaborate together on finding the best solutions for your practice.

Get a Dedicated Team That Is Focused on Your Goals

We understand that each practice is unique and faces its own unique challenges. Audigy members get a team that is efficiently organized around the needs and goals of their practice.

Whether you’re looking to become more effective in your current market or looking to expand into new markets, your Audigy team is created based on those goals.

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Gain the customized foundational resources and support needed to create practice efficiencies and growth on a small-practice platform

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Primarily focused on developing a strong and thriving practice while staying within a narrower market footprint

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Focused on continuing the practice’s growth and gaining additional market share to impact a broader geography

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Focused on expanding the business across a wide geographic area, or becoming the dominant practice in a major market

Exclusive Platforms to Track Results and Make Your Practice More Efficient

Audigy Pulse Platform

Get Relevant, Timely, Actionable Data for Your Practice

Pulse is an online dashboard that pulls together key performance indicators (KPIs) — conversion rates, binaural sales rates, return rates, financial metrics, and inbound marketing call tracking — so you can see your business health at a glance.

Audigy CEO Platform

Team Communications and Goal Tracking

The CEO™ platform allows you to interact with your peers across the Audigy membership, get up-to-date strategic advice from the Audigy team, peruse new marketing campaigns, or even download the latest webcast.

Audigy epatient platform

Improve Your Bottom Line and Patient Care

e-patient® is a first-of-its-kind digital patient platform for the exam room that increases practice profitability and provides consistent patient interaction through a digital-delivery, best-practices system.

AGX Hearing

Access to Exclusive AGX Hearing Care Brand and Unprecedented Pricing

AGX® Hearing is an Audigy member-driven hearing care brand, one that places providers, service, technology, and — most important — patients at the forefront of creating great hearing care experiences.

AGX Hearing devices are the most advanced and effective technology available — with full marketing support — and they come with a competitive, uniform pricing structure from all of our five partner manufacturers.

AGX Hearing Aids
  • “Audigy has provided us with the structure and resources to grow our business in a way that we never imagined.  Our practice was established in 2001 by a single provider.  We joined Audigy Group in 2013 and in one year grew a whopping 59%. We would have not grown our business in our saturated urban market without the support of Audigy.”

    Sheri Gostomelsky, Au.D.
    Sheri Gostomelsky, Au.D. Owner & Founder of Audiology Associates of Deerfield

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