$490,000 Rise in Revenue With More Efficient Systems



Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists, an impressive otolaryngology clinic with multiple locations, was struggling to grow their allergy division into the patient-serving, revenue-generating department its leadership team knew it had the potential to be.


With approximately 625 immunotherapy patients and a little more than $1 million in annual revenue across all locations, the practice knew it was possible to supercharge this ancillary service, but they didn’t quite know how.


With more efficient systems and processes in place, Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists were able to increase revenue by $490,000 and achieve 15 minutes savings on their allergy testing time, allowing them to see an additional 406 new patients.

Identifying Areas of Opportunities

“With every practice we work with, our goal is to understand the team’s specific set of goals — whether it’s in allergy, audiology, or otherwise — and determine how we can standardize and duplicate the work in the most efficient, effective, and profitable manner possible.”

— Aramis VanSandt, MPAS, PA-C VP of Operations, Audigy Medical

The Plan

Established a specific 15 Min testing time clinical practice guideline for allergy services

Focused on precisely who was and who was not an allergy candidate

All physicians in the practice were notified and agreed to the guideline

Adopted a patient recall protocol, ensuring patients followed through with all physician orders

Created allergy test and treatment order tracking protocols within their EMR

Enacted patient adherence protocols, ensuring patients completed their allergy immunotherapy

“Our process was inconsistent. We didn’t have a solid patient-retention mechanism. Between Clarity and the Audigy Medical team’s support, we have both! We finally have a process that gives us visibility into all sorts of things we weren’t aware of. The Audigy Medical team’s expertise changed everything.”

— Stefan Kuipers, PA-C, Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists

The Tools Used to Achieve These Results

Clarity: Ironclad. Consistent. Guaranteed training and support!

Clarity — Audigy Medical’s proprietary allergy management software solution — offers an ironclad management process, straightforward multilocation and multipatient management, and implementation and support services designed specifically for otolaryngology practices. The platform was a key driver in Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialist’s success, and the results were undeniable.

Practice Assessment

Our Medical Practice Assessment is an onsite, collaborative deep dive into your current processes. Our results-focused, data-driven methodology focuses on low-effort, high-impact strategies that simplify complex decision making for your practice through a comprehensive plan to achieve optimal efficiency and maximum profitability for your practice. We provide you a comprehensive snapshot of your business’s current health and its potential for increased efficiency across three dimensions:

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