Want to Ace That Job Interview? Use This Proven Method

Oct 6, 2023 | Human Resources

By Holly Garets, Human Resources Manager, Audigy

“How have you handled situations where a patient rejected needed treatment?”

“Describe a time you motivated staff to reach a revenue target in an especially challenging month.”

“Tell us about a professional accomplishment you’re particularly proud of — and why.”

“Two patients who were accidentally double-booked arrive for their 4 p.m. appointment. What’s your solution?”

Job interviews. Most of us have been there. Though often critical to landing the right opportunity, they can feel like a high-stakes game of mental gymnastics — especially when scenario-based questions are thrown in the mix. On one hand, you want to showcase your troubleshooting capabilities and knack for analyzing, organizing, and prioritizing. On the other, you want to avoid oversharing, overstepping, or giving the wrong impression.

What can you do? Let’s talk about the Problem-Action-Result method, or “PAR,” a way to captivate your interviewer and showcase your suitability for the job. A résumé can outline your qualifications, but the art of storytelling infuses your experience into your capabilities, leaving a lasting imprint on interviewers.

Here’s a three-step process to using the PAR method, a proven framework for narrating your valuable experiences to get that job!


1. Problem

Start by presenting a specific problem or challenge encountered during a previous role or during your education. Offer clear insight into the situation’s significance.



2. Action

Articulate the steps you took to address the problem. Emphasize your contributions, strategies applied, and decisions made, providing details that drive the point home.



3. Result

Conclude your story by accentuating the outcomes stemming from your actions. Employ measurable metrics, when possible, to underscore your impact. Did you improve patient satisfaction, streamline a process, boost revenue, or increase effectiveness?


Stepping up your storytelling technique may seem a little daunting at first. Investing in yourself by practicing, however — especially with a friend or colleague — can go a long way toward building confidence. By infusing storytelling into your interview approach using the PAR method, you can transform a standard interview into a riveting and impactful exchange. Start building your PAR skills to land your dream position today!

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Holly Garets is a human resources professional with 10 years of experience in leadership and HR roles, largely in the e-commerce space. She is passionate about building meaningful relationships and fostering an inclusive and welcoming work culture that inspires personal and professional growth. Holly is preparing to graduate at the close of this year with her B.S. in Human Resources Management from Western Governors University. Outside of her career, Holly and her partner have four dogs that keep them busy. Holly is a hobbyist photographer who loves to go on walks and hikes and explore the Pacific Northwest.

Interview Success: What’s in a Story?


  • Memorability — Stories linger in memory far longer than a plain list of qualifications or skills. Interviewers are more likely to recall candidates who share well-structured, relevant stories that directly relate to the demands of the position.


  • Engagement — Compelling stories engage the interviewer and foster a more conversational setting. They tap into emotional connections that can include humor, empathy, enthusiasm, pride, excitement, and more.


  • Contextualization — Stories offer context to your skills. Instead of merely stating your proficiency, you can vividly illustrate how you applied your expertise in actual scenarios.


  • Problem-Solving — Many roles in health care require adept problem-solving. Sharing stories about successfully navigating challenges underscores your ability to devise solutions and adapt within audiological contexts.


  • Alignment With Values — Stories can effectively highlight your alignment with the values and mission of the clinic or organization. Through relatable experiences, you showcase your potential contribution.


As you can see, storytelling stands as an asset to distinguish yourself in job interviews. Harnessing the PAR method empowers you to create engaging narratives that magnify your worth and forge an enduring impression on prospective employers.