Leveraging LinkedIn: 5 Tips to Build Your Network

Aug 11, 2018 | Human Resources

With globally popular LinkedIn now estimated at more than 562 million users across 200-plus countries*, how can you differentiate your profile from the pack and make the most of this professional networking platform? Here are five key tips to do just that.

1. Craft a Solid Profile

Make your profile stand out and represent you. Be sure to upload a professional photo of yourself and input your education and most recent jobs. This will give others a better understanding of who you really are and where you’ve come from.

2. Start Locally

First reach out to people you know. Connecting with fellow alumni, professors, and colleagues is the simplest way to build your network.

3. Join Groups

LinkedIn offers myriad groups both local and nationwide that you can ask to join. They can be a valuable resource when you have specific questions, want to share a case study, or wish to provide feedback to others.

4. Conquer Your Fears

Afraid other LinkedIn users will refuse to connect with a “stranger”? Take the opportunity to reach out. If you’re selective in your potential contacts and always add a note stating why you’re interested in connecting, most people are willing to accept the invitation.

5. Engage Generously

Liking, sharing, commenting on, and posting relevant information gets your name out to your connections, whom you can leverage to help build your network. Their liking or sharing your post in turn allows their own connections to see your post.

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