Meet the Expert: Olesa Kopytko

Nov 29, 2023 | Human Resources

As an operations manager, Olesa Kopytko is a one-of-a-kind cheerleader (literally!) for the Strategic Business Unit (SBU). And she’s acing her role, spreading positivity wherever she goes. In Olesa’s world, helping others is not just a job — it’s a way of life.


Olesa’s Member Magic

​Olesa’s support for Audigy members goes beyond the call of duty. She’s the bridge between the members and Audigy’s internal teams, including HR, professional development, and the business development team.

She meets with key member staff and provides coaching on their day-to-day operations. “I’m big on organization and notes,” she says. “Anytime I can take that off the member’s plate and provide agendas, follow-up highlights, and task lists, I’m all in.”

Olesa speaks to members throughout the day. “We support members on the East Coast. It’s important to be available regardless of the time difference, so I’m always willing to be up early or stay late, if necessary,” she explains.


A Journey Less Ordinary

While her role now is operations manager, her career kicked off in the medical field. She always knew she wanted to work with people and be part of the health care industry. “I got my degree in biology and wanted to work in emergency medicine,” she recalls.

Her journey included stints as a medical assistant, a phlebotomist, and a quality and compliance manager at a plasma clinic. But it was her role as the quality and compliance manager that made her fall in love with the intricacies of business. “I got more into the administrative side of the medical field, where I got to do more complex problem-solving, gap analysis, and root-cause analysis. This role made me fall in love with finding those little details in a business that can create a large impact, and I enjoy the process of figuring out how to do so. This is where I get to be creative.”

It’s All About the People

“I’m surrounded by folks who genuinely enjoy what they’re doing and are always willing to lend a hand. It feels like a big, happy family,” Olesa gushes. She’s especially fond of how the Audigy team supports and rallies around their community, always looking for ways to enrich others’ lives.

She is fascinated by the stories behind Audigy members embarking on their professional journeys and what inspired them to do so — she says it’s like listening to a really good motivational podcast every day.

When asked about her favorite thing at Audigy, Olesa says, “It’s all about being part of someone’s journey,” she smiles. “I love helping our members reach their goals and chase their passions. It’s like being their cheerleader, always rooting for them from the sidelines.


Life Beyond Audigy

Olesa was a professional Portland Trail Blazers Cheerleader (Stunt Team). While she’s no longer shaking pom-poms, she is into calisthenics and practices handstands regularly. “I can hold a handstand for a minute or more,” she says.

When she’s not cheering for Audigy’s members and colleagues, she loves camping, playing pickleball, and attending ballet performances with friends. She’s also a big fan of John Grisham’s books and snuggling with her dog.


Personal Puppy Goals

Olesa has had the same Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stuffed toy since she was about 3 years old, and she always dreamed of having a real one. Not too long ago, an acquaintance’s dog had puppies, and one came out looking exactly like her childhood stuffed animal — “I got my dream dog, Sparky, that I’ve wanted since I was a child,” Olesa beams.


Now Sparky’s a part of the team and Audigy’s unofficial Monday Morale Captain, having grown up running through the halls and sleeping during meetings. “Audigy 1,000% supported me through this amazing event,” and she credits Audigy with being the biggest reason she can provide Sparky a happy life.


Influences and Inspirations

Olesa’s biggest influences are her parents, who brought her and her sister to America from Ukraine for a better life. “They have taught me everything I know about work ethic and about life,” she says with deep admiration. They have taught her the importance of unwavering kindness and empathy toward others, the importance of understanding herself and those around her, and that we are all forever students of life with something new and exciting to learn.


A Heart for Ukraine

Olesa’s heart beats for Ukraine, a cause she’s passionate about. “I have several family members there, including both of my grandmas, and I’ve been able to see them only once in the last 25 years.”

She and her family actively participate in fundraisers and awareness campaigns. Her father hosts benefit concerts where he plays the guitar and sings, and their entire Ukrainian community comes together to support the families overseas — it’s like their own charity concert!

Olesa is living proof that work can be fun and passion can drive success. “The meaning of happiness consists of three elements: freedom, gratitude, and the sense of wonder. Embrace these and you’ll find joy in every moment.”

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