Meet the Expert: Jacob Perry

Sep 27, 2023 | Human Resources

As Audigy’s Lead Salesforce Administrator, Jacob Perry is on a mission to find ways we can better serve our members through software.


Typical Day

At Audigy, Jacob’s main focus is member operations. He starts his day by offering support to various teams, handling inquiries, and ensuring that Audigy’s operations in Salesforce run smoothly. Jacob is always seeking ways to enhance software solutions that will better serve Audigy’s members.

“Jacob is always up for finding a solution to whatever issue has come up. He is one of my go-to people for collaborative problem-solving,” a team member expressed.

Jacob joined Audigy over two years ago and instantly felt like he was among family. What he appreciates most is Audigy’s unwavering commitment to personal, professional, and financial (PPF) growth.

“My experience has been that Audigy cares equally about its members and employees,” Jacob says. “Personal, professional, and financial goals are at the core of the business.” One of Jacob’s most important PPFs was something he and his wife, Angela, had talked about for a long time — adoption.


Adopting Goals

The couple found expanding their family to be anything but easy. When confronted with the decision whether to pursue further fertility treatments, they chose adoption as their path.

Adoption demands worlds of patience and a substantial financial commitment. To make their dream a reality, they knew they needed to make significant life changes.

Their journey took an unexpected turn when Jacob joined Audigy, and he was happily surprised to be asked about his personal and financial aspirations. When the possibility of adoption emerged, Audigy extended a helping hand, asking how they could support the couple.

Prioritizing work-life balance became Jacob’s first personal and financial goal, one achieved with Audigy’s support. Next came saving money for adoption, which proved to be their most formidable obstacle. With Audigy’s guidance, they set a specific time-based savings goal and achieved it.

Just this year, the couple earned certification in the adoption process and even received a grant! The only thing left is finding the perfect match to grow their family. Jacob said that Audigy’s role in their journey to parenthood has transformed their path from daunting to hopeful.


Magical Journey

One of Jacob’s other goals has sprinkled some pixie dust into the couple’s adoption process.  The thought of taking a child to Disneyland has kept the glimmer in their eyes on days when the process is less than magical. They share a love for all things Disney, and that love affair began with a honeymoon trip to Disneyland in 2006. It was Jacob’s first time at Disneyland and coincided with the park’s bombastic 50th-anniversary celebration; it was their most enjoyable vacation to date.

During that trip, they pledged to visit a Disney park on every 10th wedding anniversary, perfectly aligning with Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, 70th, 80th, and so on. In 2016 they kept their promise, marking their 10th anniversary with another unforgettable Disney adventure.

They’ve also visited Disney World, with one trip involving the Disney Marathon Weekend, which included participation in a 5K and a 10K race.

The half-marathon at Disneyland is in their sights for January. Jacob has set a personal and professional goal to train for it.


Finding Inspiration

Jacob finds inspiration through volunteering and music. He volunteers alongside Angela, who chairs the Oregon chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). “This is a cause that is very close to her and our family,” Jacob says. “I am often involved in the annual fundraising events, running the sound systems and music.“

Jacob has been a musician for 29 years, most recently as a drummer. Music led him to Audigy through one of his bandmates, who is also an Audigy employee.

Jacob Perry is a winner of the Collins Operational Effectiveness Award, and a clear asset to Audigy and its members.