9 Signs It’s Time to Make a Job Move

Dec 18, 2017 | Human Resources

  1. Dreading Going to Work 

Not only is it really hard to get out of bed each weekday, but it’s Saturday and you are already dreading Monday morning. So that you can enjoy your time when you aren’t at work, find a career that challenges and excites you on a daily basis.


  1. No Longer Learning or Developing in Your Role

When growth and development in the company are limited, and you feel like your potential is not being fully utilized, it’s probably time to start searching for a new job!


  1. Not Meeting Financial Goals or Needs 

Maybe you love what you do and enjoy your workplace, but financially, it’s tough to make ends meet. Do you find yourself barely able to pay the bills, let alone save anything to make a dream purchase? This is a sign that you should search for a job with more financial opportunities. You should feel appropriately compensated for all your hard work.


  1. Lacking Motivation 

A productive and engaged employee is always looking to do more to develop their role and grow in the company. If you find yourself just doing what it takes to fly under the radar, that’s an indication that you are not in the best job for you.


  1. No Work-Life Balance

Are you working late nights, weekends, and everything in between? Do your scheduled hours not provide opportunity for spending adequate time with your family? Scheduling flexibility can have a big impact on personal satisfaction with your employment.


  1. You Don’t Know Exactly What You Want, You Just Know This Isn’t It

You can’t quite put your finger on what you don’t like about your job, but you really don’t see yourself there long term. Start identifying specific things you do and don’t like, and see if there is a common theme, so you can start searching for a position that you will be passionate about.


  1. “Is It 5 O’Clock Yet?”

If you love your job, the question you might end up asking yourself is, “How is it 5 already?!” But when the job isn’t right for you, the afternoon hours seem to crawl by slowly.


  1. You Tend to See the Glass as Half Empty

You are so focused on everything that’s wrong with the job and the company that you start to confide in others at work. You become negative, complain often, and start feeding the gossip at the water cooler. If you were in the right position, your positive attitude would be infectious in the workplace and automatically build trust with your peers.


  1. Avoiding Workplace Activities 

Do you get invited to extracurricular work activities and search for every reason not to go? This is definitely a good reason to find a new position. Culture is important — you need to find a position where you not only love what you do, you also love the people you do it with.