SBU Marketing

Staking your place and staying top of mind takes clarity and coordination. Meet the expert marketing team dedicated to helping you define, differentiate, and deliver on your brand through proven strategies; devoted to close collaboration with our design, content, media, and digital marketing staff; and invested in communicating the power of member-exclusive AGX® Hearing technology.

  • Aaron Josten
    Aaron Josten Marketing Manager
  • Ali Podhora
    Ali Podhora Marketing Manager
  • Amelia Dale
    Amelia Dale Associate Marketing Manager
  • Christian Borris
    Christian Borris Associate Marketing Manager
  • Cindy Salazar
    Cindy Salazar Marketing Manager
  • Jenna Haagen
    Jenna Haagen Associate Marketing Manager
  • Jessica Mullen
    Jessica Mullen Marketing Manager
  • Kelsey Rutis
    Kelsey Rutis Senior Marketing Manager
  • Kirstin Moran
    Kirstin Moran Marketing Manager
  • Lexi Frisch
    Lexi Frisch Associate Marketing Manager
  • Rob Kennedy
    Rob Kennedy Marketing Innovation Lead

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