Noteworthy Networking: 4 Tips for Effective Follow-Up

Apr 15, 2019 | Audigy University

Have the last few weeks surrounding audiology’s largest professional gathering been a whirlwind for you? Maybe you invested a lot of time and money to participate in the networking opportunities and leverage contacts. You showcased your skills, exchanged information, and collected myriad business cards, right?

If so, you’re off to a great start. But now comes the harder part, which — when done with a little care — can pay off in spades: effective follow-up. How can you keep your connection momentum going and help ensure your investment provides the return you expect? Get the most out of networking with these four steps.

  1. Review your online presence. Make sure your LinkedIn information is available, current, and accurate and that your updated bio and resume are posted. This facilitates additional review — in a less hectic environment — for contacts who were interested in your skill set and experience.
  2. Start a networking file from relevant professional exchanges and business cards collected to help you reconnect. It’s easy to forget names and professional details — even after just a few days! Be preemptive by carefully saving the information.
  3. Email each individual on your contact list, expressing your appreciation for their time in engaging with you. It helps to reference a specific topic or point that you discussed when possible. Remember, even if this professional is not offering a position of interest to you, they may be able to help connect you with someone who is.
  4. Give without expecting anything in return. Did the person with whom you networked have a need or a question? Are they seeking a job, for example, or more details on a given topic? Take this opportunity to build trust, add value, and deepen your connection with a suggestion, helpful contact, or copy of an article while expecting nothing in return.

Focusing on follow-up after professional networking events can go a long way toward setting you apart from the crowd and expanding your professional influence. A little effort and attention to detail will help ensure long-lasting and rewarding connections.

About Those Follow-Up Emails

Attending another professional event soon? Mention this in your email to increase the possibility of another networking connection in the near future!


  • Make sure your auto-signature includes links to your Twitter, LinkedIn, professional blogs, or any other website you want to share.
  • Remember that timing is everything. Your outreach should occur within a week of the networking event.

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