Let’s Talk Turkey: 5 Tips for Securing the Salary You Want

Nov 15, 2018 | Audigy University

When it comes to seeking the perfect position, salary can be a deal breaker. Nearly everything costs money, and ensuring you have enough to support yourself is vital before starting a new chapter in life. Your salary — at least in part — represents how much an employer values your skills and abilities. It’s also the engine that powers your lifestyle, so keep these five tips in mind for salary success:

  1. Do your research, including an online search for salary ranges in your area. Remember, the average audiologist salary in rural Missouri will differ significantly from that in Manhattan. The American Academy of Audiology website offers information for each state. You can also visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for more detailed information on metropolitan areas nationwide.
  2. Determine the range you can work with. After adding up all your expenses and financial expectations, what’s your cutoff? If you know you need a certain dollar amount to make ends meet, form your salary range from there, keeping the lower cutoff as the minimum threshold.
  3. Consider other benefits. Many audiology positions that involve dispensing will include some type of compensation on top of salary, so try not to fixate only on the salary dollar amount. The additional compensation could reflect a substantial increase to your base salary. Also, consider perks such as tuition reimbursement, professional development, licensure fees, and health insurance, which could potentially save you quite a lot in the long run if included in your benefits package.
  4. Negotiate with confidence and grace. It’s a delicate dance, finding the right approach to salary conversations. Be informed and confident about your worth without projecting an overconfident persona, which can come across negatively and drive a potential employer away.
  5. Consider future growth. What’s the employer’s strategy for raises or promotions? Does this company have a growth mind-set? There may be some security in a job with a higher base salary, but what if the long-term development plan is limited? This imposes a “salary cap” on what is possible, making it difficult to break the salary ceiling. Understand — and consider — the company’s outlook.

With so much to consider in the job hunt — from the culture and the commute to the work itself and more — be sure to put our helpful salary tips on your career checklist.

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