5 Job Satisfaction Tips

Feb 12, 2019 | Audigy University

Improve Your Job Satisfaction With Five Simple Changes

Media and advertising set the bar pretty high for job satisfaction — happy people smiling and collaborating with co-workers, office high-fives, even professionals in Prada suits smiling while responding to email on their phones in the back of a limo.

Totally accurate, right?

Not every job will be your dream job, but if you’re in the workaday doldrums, there are dependable ways to help you increase your job satisfaction. Check out our five tips.

1) Plan Your Day

Before you head for home, review what’s on your schedule for the next day. Planning your day will help alleviate the stress of the unknown and allow you time to set yourself up for success.

2) Set Clear, Realistic Goals

Setting clear, realistic goals is a strategic way to ensure you’re staying on track. Share these goals with your manager and/or team so that when you do achieve them, you can share your success!

3) Get Up and Move!

Too much sitting isn’t good for your health or mind. Look for ways to get out of your chair regularly. Stand and walk while talking on the phone, try a standing desk (or improvise with a high table or counter), eat lunch standing up, or skip instant messaging and email — walk to a colleague’s desk for a face-to-face chat instead.

4) Reframe the Way You Look at Work

Your perspective on your workplace affects your engagement and satisfaction. Create a Kudos folder for yourself and put positive, affirming emails and feedback in there. On those down days, read through the folder for an uplift and reminder of why you’re there.

5) Lighten Up!

A sense of humor and optimism goes a long way and can be beneficial in increasing your job satisfaction.

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