Audigy “Community” Summit Delivers Live Excitement In a Virtual Setting

1,100 registrants gathered online last week, culminating in one of the industry’s biggest events

September 29, 2020 — Vancouver, Washington


Audigy, management company to private practice audiology and ENT/otolaryngology practices, delivered its annual Summit event on September 24 and 25 to 1,100 attendees from across its membership and guests in the hearing care space.


The event was delivered in a virtual setting but still featured the same motivational energy and strategic content as Audigy’s live event programs. The theme, centered on “community,” was chosen as an opportunity to highlight the many communities the organization was designed to support: its member community; individual practice communities; the patient community; and the industry community, including its manufacturing partners, all of whom were cosponsors of the event.


“2020 has been a challenging year in many ways,” said Audigy President Mason Walker. “But when the pandemic first hit and you could see the potential economic implications, I’m proud to say that our organization’s instinct was not to go inward, but to go outward and do everything in our power to deliver guidance and consideration for practices in our industry — to help them weather the storm. Our Members are our main focus, bar-none, but we exist to help businesses thrive, and we wanted to extend that spirit in our 2020 flagship event. I’m so proud of what the team has delivered.”



The two-day virtual event used a platform that featured a combination of live and prerecorded material, including 20 all-new strategically focused courses, keynotes from Audigy and GN leadership, manufacturer breakouts, as well as live peer-to-peer and industry roundtable discussions, the latter of which included special guests Tom Woods, president at GN ReSound U.S.; Eric Timm, chief executive officer at WS Audiology USA; David Molella, managing director at GN Hearing Care Canada; Søren Hvidberg Nielsen, president of Widex USA; and Brandon Sawalich, president and CEO of Starkey.


The event posed a unique challenge for the Audigy team, with the entire staff working remotely and accustomed to planning large-scale programs designed for live settings.


“We typically plan and execute our Summit event over the course of a year,” said Events Manager Casey Mirick. “In fact, we were deep into the planning of our Nashville event when our plans changed. In just a few months, we devised, created, and delivered one of our strongest programs.”


Coursework included sessions on Audigy’s new marketing automation program, physician referral and practice ownership strategies, as well as insights on bundling vs. unbundling and assessing acquisition and expansion opportunities in the era of COVID-19. All registered attendees will have access to all coursework and associated discussion for two weeks following the event.


“Audigy is a community of communities,” concluded Walker. “We’re proud that our Members represent a powerful contingency of forward-thinking, like-minded hearing care practitioners who are devoted to pushing the profession forward. And we’re even prouder to stand beside them in this mission.”

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