Hearing Aid Sales Doubled In Less Than a Year

“We switched to Audigy Medical in Fall 2019, and we’re so happy we did.”

– Chelsea Maag, Au.D., Pacific ENT Medical Group Inc.


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Andy Daly


Audigy Medical helped Pacific ENT Medical
Group, in greater San Diego, build the sustainable
growth they wanted by showing them where
greater efficiency could lead to greater profit.


Understanding The Problems

The practice chose Audigy Medical because they wanted recommendations that were paired with sufficient coaching and education. Their goal was to achieve sustainable growth through incremental improvement while reducing team stress.

Creating Quantifiable Solutions

“Audigy helped us create attainable goals and break them up into a manageable checklist.”

Our business experts take a comprehensive look at the practice, identify any inefficiencies preventing goal achievement, and offer customized, evidence-based solutions.

Delivering Comprehensive Expertise

“We enjoy working with our practice-management consultant, and he helps keep us accountable for the goals that we set.”

Our certified practice-management consultants — and our full in house suite of services — can get you where you want to go.


Sales increased 140%, from 5 units/month to 12 units/month, within a year of signing on, despite a pandemic and the loss of a part-time diagnostic audiologist.

Steps To Success

  • Creating a fee schedule
  • Coaching on tracking payor discrepancies for contract negotiation
  • One-on-one coding coaching from Deb Abel, Au.D.
  • Assisting with onboarding an extern and an audiology assistant
  • Training the audiology aide to absorb the administrative work
  • Streamlining tracking efforts
  • Ensuring COVID-19 compliance


Learn about all of Audigy solutions and services. Schedule a informational meeting today.

Andy Daly

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