From the Red To A $67k Net Profit In Just One Quarter

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Andy Daly

Audigy Medical’s data-driven business methodology provided this prominent university a complete picture of its audiology department’s current health, the potential for increased efficiency, and a plan for maximum profitability

“We could not have made such a drastic positive change without our partnership with Audigy.”

— University administrator


Understanding The Problems

“At the end of our last fiscal year, our hearing aid practice was in the red at a $70,000 loss.”

No matter your challenges, our business experts take a comprehensive look, working to uncover the problems, causes, and barriers standing between you and your goals.

Creating Quantifiable Solutions

“After working with the consultant team and implementing their recommendations, we saw $67,000 in net profits in quarter one of our current fiscal year.”

At Audigy Medical, we identify inefficiencies and customize key solutions based on our industry-specific data, evidence-based best practices, and a focus on what’s possible.

Delivering Comprehensive Expertise

“As an administrator, I have been able to turn to the consultant team for help with marketing opportunities, data analytics, industry trends, and accounting-vendor relationships.”

With a full in-house suite of operations, finance, marketing, professional development, human resources, and business development services, we can get you where you want to go.

“I can honestly say that teaming with Audigy has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

— University administrator


In just one quarter after joining Audigy Medical the university’s audiology department achieved a net profit of $67,000.

Audigy’s results-oriented recommendations and project management included:

  • Data-sourcing to measure gaps and progress — including audiology database implementation
  • Inventory cleanup and management — including centralized ordering
  • Itemization to help with service plans
  • Billing and coding support to maximize reimbursements
  • Robust on-site training for the clinic team that included billing, coding, patient-flow operations, and how to improve patient experience

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Andy Daly

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