Turning Prospects Into Patients With the Warm Welcome

May 31, 2024 | Marketing

That lead booked an appointment — success!

Not so fast. First impressions, both good and bad, are powerful. A storefront can invite you in or turn you away. The person who greets you can ruin your whole day or lift your spirits.

And health care has higher stakes, especially when you factor in the prevalence of white coat syndrome.

That first impression, then, is even more critical. It’s often the difference between whether a prospect sticks around long enough to become a patient or moves on after the initial appointment. So how can you help ensure you’re creating a good first impression?


See the Experience Through Your Patients’ Eyes

A eyeball iconYou run a business. It’s all too easy amid the day-to-day, week-to-week bustle to miss things that a pair of fresh eyes will notice.

As you read the following, try to see your office through a prospective patient’s eyes. Better yet, pull this article up on your phone, go outside, and walk the journey of your prospective patient!


The Physical Space

A map marker icon


As you look through fresh eyes, consider if these statements are true:

  • The building is convenient and easy to find
  • There is adequate and accessible parking
  • The façade is professional, inviting, and well-kept — there’s “curb appeal”
  • Once inside the building, the office is easy to find and accessible

Obviously, each hearing care business is different. You might be one clinic in a multispecialty practice. Your practice façade might be part of a shopping center. But within your power, ensure the above is true about someone’s first impression.

It needn’t be complicated: You could add accurate photographs of the building and helpful instructions to your webpage, or add extra signage clearly indicating where in the building your office is.



Are these statements about your office true from a prospective patient’s perspective?

  • The office is neat and tidy
  • The office is warm and inviting
  • The office provides comfortable waiting amenities
  • The office is easy to navigate


The Personal Interactions

A heart iconWho do your prospective patients encounter once in your office, and how does it make them feel? How can you ensure the creation of a long-lasting patient/provider relationship? Are the following true of your office’s interactions with patients?

  • Patient-care coordinators offer a warm smile and a pleasant greeting
  • The entire team is friendly, helpful, and caring
  • The entire team behaves professionally
  • Clothing is appropriate to the setting
  • A team member is always ready to escort you to the next step in the process

Initial personal interactions that are grounded in genuine warmth and consideration establish the right foundation for the entire appointment.

In health care, the first impression is crucial, shaping a prospective patient’s perspective of the entire experience. It can impact their trust and comfort — and their desire to have a relationship with your practice.

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