Employer of Choice Part 1: Stand Out With Your Compensation & Benefits

Nov 5, 2021 | Human Resources

Welcome to our 3-part blog series on Becoming an Employer of Choice
With today’s competitive job market putting health care professionals in high demand, are you doing what it takes to be the go-to practice for existing team members and potential candidates? In this first installment of a three-part series on becoming an employer of choice, discover five ways to stand out with your compensation and benefits options.


1. Stay On Top Of Compensation Data

How do your salaries or compensation packages compare to others in your region? In the state? Across the country? Are you on par with — or outperforming — other hearing care or ENT practices? In today’s fast-paced culture, change happens quickly. Annual salary analyses can become too infrequent. Make sure you’re scheduling them at least twice a year, not just once every 12 months.


2. Shore Up Additional Perks

Compensation can include more than a base wage, and when building an attractive financial package, that means more options. Additional perks like the following can play a big role in attracting and keeping ideal employees:

  • Matching your 401(k) plan, which can help employees shelter income, save for the future, and increase their net worth
  • Results-based compensation, which helps motivate great work and offers endless potential for increased earnings
  • Generous time-off policies, which show employees and candidates your belief in a supportive work-life balance

Attracting talent is tricky. Put your best foot forward.

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3. Choose Transparency

Whether they’re current team members or job seekers, people want transparency when talking compensation. And it’s a two-way street: You want to make sure you’re clear about the compensation you’re able to provide and how it aligns with the market today. You don’t want to overextend yourself. Putting everyone’s expectations on the table — including yours — can lead to creative solutions that set you apart.


4. Create a Sense of Safety

Safety may not have been your first consideration, but it matters — especially in the COVID era. As candidates navigate career choices in a pandemic, they’re factoring in safety concerns more than ever. They want to make sure they’re not having to choose between good pay and a safe environment. They want both. Showing you’ve created a work environment that speaks to employees’ sense of safety, security, and comfort can make a difference when looking to attract the market’s top talent.


5. Sell the Power of a Private Practice

The support. The camaraderie. The meaningful patient-provider relationships. The formative experience of being part of a community-oriented, locally owned business. Private practices offer opportunities and benefits that big-box stores can’t match. Sell yourself — don’t be shy. The reasons that you chose a private practice will likely align with why potential candidates might be interested in joining your team.

With just a few simple yet important steps, you can find your place as an employer of choice in our ever-evolving market. And you don’t have to do it alone. Audigy’s exclusive Strategic Business Unit includes human resources experts who can help you build the team of your dreams and grow. So don’t wait. Reach out to your SBU today, or contact our Membership Development Team to learn more.