Meet the Expert: Ron Patton

Mar 13, 2024 | Operations

From creative marketing to practice management, each doing their part, Audigy’s departments work together to ensure member practices thrive. At the heart of Audigy’s practice management is Ron Patton, an expert consultant who is boots-on-the-ground when it comes to getting into the nitty-gritty of what makes a practice successful, from the inside out.

The word is out about this trusted advisor! Ron Patton is a Practice Management Consultant at Audigy and the latest employee to be honored with the Collins Award for Process Development. “Ron has become the go-to guy on our team for his talent in analyzing processes and making improvements,” explains a colleague. “He often helps his peers analyzing P&Ls to find areas of opportunities and address KPIs.”


Ron’s Role at Audigy

Rewinding clock iconRon is a business-operations professional with a knack for business development, quality improvement, data analysis, root-cause problem solving, relationship building, and leadership. He’s a coach, an educator, and a true partner to our members, always working with them to figure out what their most pressing troubles are — and then smashing them!

As a Practice Management Consultant, Ron plays a crucial role in coaching clinic leadership, and his focus lies mainly with our medical/ENT practices. Ron smiles as he explains, “I am often asked to assist new leadership in transitioning from the concept of management to that of leadership. I enjoy doing that!” While on the clock, his focus goes well beyond daily operational processes and extends to the essential skill sets required for effective team leadership.


Working With Members

Handshake icon“I succeed when they succeed,” Ron says resolutely. “My ultimate goal is to assure the members that I am part of their team.” He explains his mission and it’s clear: to help Audigy members alleviate their burdens. Whenever he can, he’s giving them the tools to clear out the proverbial clutter and granting them more time to spend with patients and tackle all of the pressing issues that come with running a practice. He adds, “My goal is to provide services to members that allow me to take things off their plate.”

A significant portion of his efforts go toward assisting management with any challenges they may come across. These challenges can cover a broad range of topics but are typically related to clinic culture, emphasizing the importance of mission, vision, and values. He says that he focuses on active listening and does his best to address the issues put forth by members, even if he ends up having to pull the real problem out of the subtext of their conversations.


A Career That Almost Wasn’t

Stethoscope iconReflecting on his career thus far, Ron shares, “I started my career with the goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. However, I found myself drawn to health care administration.”

Ron not only enjoyed being on the operational side of business, but he found it’s where his talents truly lie. This on-the-job success organically led him to what he enjoys doing today, helping each member practice become its own well-oiled machine.


Personal & Professional Goals

Target iconWhile supporting members on a daily basis, Ron believes that his work at Audigy has been instrumental in his own personal growth. He says that helping others fix problems and achieve goals really gives a boost to the goals you can set for yourself. He feels Audigy’s commitment to growth and service is aligned with his own. “Audigy has provided me the opportunity to offer my skills to others in a way that assists them in growing their practice, and in a way that exceeds their expectations,” says Ron.

Ron credits consistent meetings with his director in helping him stay focused on what matters most to him. “Meeting with my director on a regular basis to discuss my goals is very effective in ensuring that I keep my eye on the ball and work on them on a daily basis,” he offers. He appreciates Audigy’s role in providing him the platform to share his leadership skills and contribute to the growth of others’ practices beyond what he thought was possible.


Beyond the Office Walls

Guitar iconYou wouldn’t guess it, looking at him thriving in his role with practice management, but Ron has a wild side. Underneath it all, he’s a creative and loves playing the guitar. He has even worked on Hollywood movie sets as a set electrician.

Ron’s philanthropic goals align very much with what he does at Audigy. “I volunteer time with a couple of men’s groups that are focusing on assisting men to reach their potential in their business and relationships, and to achieve goals that they have set for themselves.”


Inspirations & Aspirations

Cowboy hat iconMentioning his ranch-style upbringing, he admires John Wayne: “I was raised in a cowboy family with cowboy values. John Wayne was a god in my home.”

Ron says he finds inspiration in individuals who surpass their self-imposed limitations.

When asked what advice he’d give to his 15-year-old self, Ron doesn’t skip a beat and quickly answers, “Do not listen to that self-limiting voice in your head. It is wrong!” He adds, “One more step, then one more step, and then repeat.”

Ron’s multifaceted contributions — from his dedication to personal growth and community service to his ensuring members he is yet another member of their team — make him an invaluable asset to Audigy and its members. The seamless organization he brings to practice management is what we all strive for here. The way Ron sees it, he’s just happy to be trusted and allowed into each member practice’s fold, so he can help as much as possible.

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