Meet the Expert: Leah Sanchez

Jan 23, 2024 | Human Resources

Leah Sanchez is Audigy’s Human Resources Manager and a force to be reckoned with. She is the latest winner of the Maxwell Award for Leadership and has a talent for bringing the “human” back into human resources. Colleagues and leadership alike applaud her armory of soft skills: “Leah Sanchez is an exemplary HR manager. Watching her approach every person with empathy, care, and support is an honor.”


Bringing Passion to Human Resources

Leah is known for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. She brings a contagious energy to the workplace, infusing it with enthusiasm and a commitment to fostering a positive working environment. She lights up when she’s describing her favorite parts about being one of many human resources at Audigy, citing, “It’s the employee engagement activities, all of the opportunities for professional development, and my amazing colleagues I collaborate with.” These are what bring her into work with a big smile every day.

Her colleagues truly appreciate having her on board and shared, “Leah’s leadership has taken the Internal HR department to the next level. She has shown eagerness to listen to her peers and quickly makes changes to create a great employee experience.”


From Social Work to HR Leadership

Leah’s career started out in social work. In 2009 she worked with children and families as a child and family development specialist, and social worker, at Lower Columbia College. While she truly enjoyed her work, Leah always had a desire to work in human resources. In an attempt to turn that dream into reality, she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in human resources from Washington State University and a master’s degree in organizational leadership and management from Warner Pacific.


She then made the transition to human resources at Lower Columbia College, where she worked until joining Audigy in 2021. Two years later, she is receiving rave reviews from her supervisors. “Leah is always driving things forward. When she sees an opportunity to improve a process, better support our managers, or provide a better working environment for our teams, she jumps into action,” cheers Keith Suits, vice president of organizational development.


A Day in the Life

Leah’s journey at Audigy began in 2021 as an Associate Human Resources Generalist. Swiftly ascending to the role of Human Resources Manager, Leah’s day-to-day activities defy the conventional boundaries of a job description. “Primarily, my day is spent supporting employees by answering questions about benefits, payroll, and onboarding. I also play a significant role in recruitments, conducting interviews, and collaborating with our North America payroll team and benefits manager. Additionally, I participate in various employee engagement activities in partnership with the admin team,” she shares. Leah’s adaptability and unassuming approach to her role contribute to Audigy’s thriving and dynamic work culture.


Crafting Premier Employee Experiences

Leah’s onboarding philosophy emphasizes the integral connection between employee satisfaction and exceptional member service — if employees are happy, they can more easily make members happy. While she spends most of her time supporting Audigy employees, she sees herself as an indirect supporter of Audigy’s members. “For our Internal Human Resources department, our goal is to create a premier employee experience through providing employees with the support they need, so they can best serve our members,” she explains.


A Commitment to Healthy Goals

Audigy’s commitment to supporting its employees in achieving their personal goals gives Leah the opportunity to actualize her passion for fitness. “Health and wellness are a huge passion for me. Audigy has supported my personal goal of being able to participate in the Hood to Coast race,” Leah shares. Having participated in this race four times, the last two being sponsored by Audigy with a team of fellow employees, Leah’s experience reflects the company’s dedication to fostering the personal and professional aspirations of its team members.


Winning the Maxwell Award for leadership is a testament to Leah’s outstanding contributions to Audigy. The comfort and ease with which she tackles such a multifaceted role, and her commitment to employee support and well-being, make Leah a standout figure in the Audigy family. As Audigy’s Human Resources department continues to thrive under her leadership, Leah Sanchez remains committed to fostering an environment where employees have the support they require to grow, succeed, and make a lasting impact.

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