Meet the Expert: Danielle Frank

Dec 13, 2023 | Human Resources

Danielle Frank is director of Medical at Audigy, bringing a dynamic blend of leadership and infectious energy to everything she does. Since joining Audigy in 2018 as an operations manager, Danielle has risen through the ranks, showing adaptability and a deep commitment to our members’ goals. Spearheading Audigy Medical with grace and style, she is the most recent winner of the Maxwell Award for leadership.

Danielle’s engaging personality has allowed her to quickly and easily build lasting relationships with her team and our members. Here is just one of the glowing reports: “Danielle is a fierce advocate for our members and our internal teams. She continues to streamline processes with the Medical team and help our members reach new levels of success.”

Echoing those sentiments is Jeremy Roulin, Danielle’s supervisor and vice president of member operations, “Danielle’s unwavering commitment to helping everyone she encounters makes her special,” he says. “Her ability to train, counsel, and motivate is what has made her a Trusted Advisor to our members — and our internal teams — throughout her time at Audigy. We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of our team.”


Humble Beginnings

​Reflecting on her career journey, Danielle shared how grateful she is for the diverse opportunities she was given working in retail. It’s a very different type of job, but she swears by the fact that it laid the foundation for her current success at Audigy. “I started off in retail, pushing shopping carts. I was the best cart pusher, no cart rack outside overflowed, I sanitized and completed timely restroom checks — all while wearing my safety vest. I quickly moved through various positions and was eventually put on special projects and moved into leadership.”


Danielle worked and continued to learn in that capacity for 12 years, before crossing paths with Audigy. She admits that she had no idea how much opportunity Audigy presented her, and she was astonished at the continuation of growth she experienced. “I learned so much and had no idea where my career would take me. Audigy has changed my life, and I am forever grateful for all the opportunities I have been given.”


Finding Fulfillment

When asked about what she enjoys most about working at Audigy, all roads lead to her colleagues and the members she serves. “I enjoy being surrounded by such talented teammates, with an opportunity to learn every day. I also enjoy that what I do has purpose. It has been such an amazing experience seeing the impact of what we do at member practices and being part of their goal achievements. My cup is full.

Danielle works with members directly every single day. “I love that part of my job,” she says. “Without the members, it’s easy to lose touch with the difference we truly make.” Danielle’s strategy when engaging with members is always to be curious and energetic. Cheering them on is very important to her as, typically, they are juggling a myriad of challenges and opportunities, all at the same time. Danielle adds, “Not all options and goals are easy for them, but it’s important that we get up every day, ready to advocate and raise their belief lid.”

She stresses that she finds real fulfillment in witnessing the impact of Audigy’s work on member practices: “What I love is how my role supports members and that I get to reunite with them from time to time as if no time has passed. To me, those are special relationships I cherish.”

Family Values

In her personal life, Danielle’s dreams and goals have always revolved around family and, especially, children. “I have always wanted to be a mom of four and a kindergarten teacher,” coos Danielle. “In my mind, this was the ideal life — draw, play music, and raise little people to be strong, empowered, and embracing of the silliness of youth.”

Like many things, challenges humble us along the way. Danielle did indeed marry, have one lovely daughter, but then sadly suffered the loss of another. She shares, “In January of 2021, my daughter, husband, and I went through a loss that forever changed our lives. We found out we were expecting in the fall of 2020, during the merriest time of the year — but that changed quickly.” Like anyone else in this horrendous position, Danielle was afraid to talk about the subject openly, until a counselor encouraged her to join some support groups. She was able to meet some folks in her same position. “What that did was open my eyes to how common losing a baby can be,” she says.

She explains that she came out on the other side of this tragedy having learned that “we all have something to go through, and in time, life regains its balance.” She finishes speaking on that topic with a generous thought: “I don’t share this story for sympathy but for someone to read this and relate.” She hopes these words can help someone else feel like they’re not alone. She’d love to help another person heal, or at least remind them of how strong they are.

In exciting news, Danielle shares, “In early 2024 we are expecting a little girl! While I am nervous, I also know that my dinner table will be full, and I could not think of a better dream.”

Giving Back

Another thing Danielle loves about Audigy is that the company emulates her feelings about the importance of giving back to the community. She volunteers with organizations like Candlelighters and Creation for Cures. Her passion centers around supporting women and their families dealing with infertility, miscarriage, and child loss. She says, “I have joined various networks to help those who have gone through a similar experience, mirroring the way others helped me.”


Here at Audigy, we are humbled by Danielle’s resilience and growth. Professionally, she has shown a serious work ethic, and personally, she has turned some challenging experiences into a commitment to making a positive impact. As the director of Medical, she not only leads with passion and purpose but also advocates for the well-being and success of Audigy’s members. Her journey reflects the transformative power of embracing opportunities and staying hopeful.

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