Meet the Expert: Carlos Streicher

May 8, 2024 | Finance

Step into Audigy’s office in Vancouver and you’ll meet Carlos Streicher, a vibrant Accounts Payable Specialist who keeps our financial gears turning with finesse. Carlos is a seven-year veteran of Audigy, and he brings his expertise and passion for detail to every project, every day. The most recent winner of Audigy’s Sewell Award for Customer Service, Carlos finds fulfillment in the dynamic nature of his work and the supportive environment at Audigy.

His supervisor noted, “Carlos is a naturally kind and friendly person — the definition of a team player.” Known as someone who provides top-of-the-line internal customer service, Carlos makes workflow easier for everyone around him.


His Role at Audigy

Dollar sign iconWith a precisionist’s touch, Carlos ensures that payments go out on time every time. He orchestrates the smooth flow of transactions, and while he doesn’t work face-to-face with members, his meticulous work directly supports their operations and enhances their experience with Audigy. When asked how his work impacts members directly, he shares, “My greatest contribution to members is making the payment of BDFs and rebates each month on time, also prioritizing the delivery of reports to my colleagues on time, so that they can do their work for members more efficiently.”


A Day in the Life

Clock rewinding iconFrom balancing the books to waltzing through spreadsheets, Carlos’ day is a whirlwind of activity. But don’t let the numbers fool you — he brings joy to the workplace. Whether it’s waving from across the office or sharing a smile, Carlos adds a splash of color to every task.

His daily routine is diverse, encompassing various tasks throughout the day that are typically very time-sensitive. He appreciates the variety, finding new inspiration in each new responsibility. From managing payments to prioritizing report deliveries for his colleagues, he embraces the collaborative spirit that defines Audigy’s culture.


His Favorite Thing About Coming to Work

Group icon“That’s an easy answer,” Carlos says. “It’s my Audigy family.” The way Carlos describes the accounting/finance team, you’d think he was talking about a bustling family reunion. Carlos says that he thrives in this atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie, where colleagues aren’t just coworkers — they’re family. Weekly meetings are like gatherings around the dinner table, filled with laughter and shared stories.

Something Carlos treasures most about Audigy is the close relationships he has formed with his colleagues across departments. Regular updates and meetings keep him informed and connected, fostering a strong sense of unity within the company.


Carlos’ Personal & Professional Goals

Target iconThanks to Audigy’s support, Carlos is proud to say that he juggles personal and professional goals nimbly. He says that, due to Audigy’s flexible PTO policies, he can take time for family or anything else he deems important, safe in the knowledge that Audigy has his back. Achieving a healthy work/life balance is key, Carlos points out, and is crucial for anyone’s overall well-being and growth.

For Carlos honesty, respect, and discipline serve as guiding principles, shaping his actions and decisions both personally and professionally at Audigy. His behind-the-scenes magic keeps accounts payable running seamlessly, and that is fulfilling to him.


Beyond the Office Walls

Tree iconAdventure is Carlos’ middle name, explaining that life’s too short not to have a little fun along the way! When he isn’t busy crunching numbers, he’s out exploring the wonders of his state with his loved ones. During the pandemic, he and his family began spending as much time as they could together outdoors.

Thankfully, the pandemic was just the beginning of what has become a lengthy love affair with the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. On weekends you can still find Carlos and his loved ones outdoors as much as possible.


Something Surprising

Chat bubble iconWhen asked what may surprise others about him, Carlos professes that he has a knack for languages. You could call him a linguistic virtuoso, as he has proficiency in Spanish, English, and Brazilian Portuguese! He humbly notes that he isn’t fully fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, but he’s at least 60% of the way there!

Another thing about him that others may not know is his love for philosophy. If Carlos could step back in time, he would love nothing more than a tête-à-tête with Plato, the legendary philosopher. “Having a conversation with Plato must have been a great experience,” he adds.


Advice to His Younger Self

Book iconLooking back, Carlos would tell his younger self to “embrace the ride.” Savoring every moment and embracing the journey ahead is extremely important to him. “The best advice I can give right now is that everything has its time, and that we must invest that time correctly. For example — take time to study, just to study. Take time to have fun just to have fun. Live each of its stages without anticipating the next one.”


Making the World a Better Place

Heart iconCommunity is close to Carlos’ heart, and he’s a firm believer in paying it forward. Driven by a desire to give back, Carlos actively volunteers in his community, recognizing the importance of contributing positively to society. As a volunteer, he attempts to spread positivity and kindness.

As a valued member of the Audigy team, Carlos embodies dedication, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, contributing to the company’s success and fostering a positive work environment for all.

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