Meet the Expert: Ali Podhora

Jun 11, 2024 | Marketing

Meet Ali Podhora, SBU Project Manager. Initially hired as an Account Coordinator, Ali quickly moved through the ranks. Within two months, she transitioned to working as an Associate Marketing Manager in the SBU, where she served our members for two years. For the past eight years, Ali has excelled as an SBU Marketing Manager in Practice Developer West before stepping into her current role in January. While she settles into her new position, she continues to support Marketing Managers through their transitions.

Her Role at Audigy

Strategy IconAs the SBU Project Manager, Ali manages and coordinates projects that drive the success of Audigy’s teams, including Audigy Group, Audigy Medical, health systems, and universities. She works closely with SBU Directors and the VP of Member Operations to develop, plan, and implement strategic initiatives. Ali’s efforts ensure projects are executed smoothly.

A Day in the Life

PhoneA typical day for Ali starts with checking email first thing in the morning to address any urgent member needs that may have arisen overnight. She reviews her calendar to understand her daily commitments and where she is needed most. Much of her day involves behind-the-scenes communication between departments to ensure that members’ needs and requests are met efficiently.

Ali’s role requires her to be in constant communication (and coordination) with members. She frequently collaborates with various departments, ensuring that projects are on track and that strategic initiatives are aligned with Audigy’s goals. Her day is a blend of planning, problem solving, and strategic thinking, all aimed at driving success for our members.

Her Favorite Thing About Coming to Work

Group iconAli’s favorite aspect of coming to work at Audigy is the collaborative spirit. “Every day I get to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. The energy here is incredible, and there’s a genuine sense of teamwork and mutual support,” she says. The opportunity to work in a dynamic environment where innovation is encouraged and excellence is the standard keeps her motivated and inspired.

Ali also values the company’s commitment to professional development. “Audigy truly invests in its employees,” she explains. “Whether it’s through training programs, conferences, or opportunities for further education, the support for continuous learning is remarkable. It makes me feel valued and empowered to grow both personally and professionally.”

Ali’s Personal and Professional Goals

Family iconWorking at Audigy has been instrumental in helping Ali achieve her personal and professional goals. Professionally, she has grown tremendously, developing skills in project management, strategic planning, and collaboration. The supportive environment at Audigy has also enabled her to maintain a healthy work-life balance, allowing her to prioritize her family while advancing her career.

This balance has been particularly meaningful for Ali, who started at Audigy as a newlywed and has since welcomed two beautiful children during her tenure. This journey has reinforced the importance of family values she learned growing up, enriching both her personal and professional lives.

Beyond the Office Walls

Wine GlassOutside of work, Ali enjoys unwinding outdoors with a glass of wine while her kids play nearby. She is also an enthusiastic member of a weekly trivia team and cherishes dinner dates and weekend beach trips with her husband. These activities provide her with a much-needed break from her busy professional life and help her maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Something Surprising

Cow iconSomething that might surprise many is that Ali was born and raised on her family’s dairy farm. This upbringing taught her the values of hard work, dedication, and resilience from an early age. Growing up in a close-knit environment, she learned the importance of family and community.

On the farm, everyone worked together to ensure its success, reinforcing the idea that collaboration and support are key to overcoming challenges. This background has shaped Ali’s approach to teamwork and commitment in her professional life, driving her to foster a collaborative and supportive atmosphere in everything she does.

How Ali Supports Audigy’s Members

Target iconAli supports Audigy’s members by helping to propel the organization toward its strategic goals. She expertly manages and coordinates projects that drive the success of the SBU teams. Working closely with SBU Directors and the VP of Member Operations, she helps develop, plan, and implement exciting initiatives. Her efforts ensure projects are not only executed smoothly but also significantly contribute to the success of both the company and its valued members. Together they turn ambitious ideas into reality, pushing boundaries and achieving remarkable results.

Ali is passionate about seeing Audigy’s members succeed. She enables them to realize the rewards of their hard work and dedication. She works with them to help them reach a point where they can either sell their business at a premium or transition into an owner-investor role. Her goal is to help them achieve their full potential. Even though she is more behind the scenes now, the projects she is working on will be deployed by Audigy to help empower members to grow their businesses sustainably. Witnessing their journey from initial challenges to ultimate success is incredibly rewarding for Ali and drives her to continually invest her best efforts into their development.

Ali Podhora’s contributions to Audigy continue to be substantial, and her commitment to excellence sets a high standard for all. As she continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we are excited to see what the future holds for Ali and the positive changes she will undoubtedly bring to our company and the industry at large.

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