Cultivate a Culture of Wellness

May 16, 2024 | Human Resources

Wellness programs in the workplace have been popular for a while now. The main reason? Offsetting rising insurance premiums and health care costs while still providing competitive benefits packages to employees.

But cultivating a culture of wellness — not just a program — reaps benefits far beyond offsetting financial hits. Let’s look at why and how.


Benefits of Cultivating a Culture of Wellness

A giving hand iconA culture of wellness goes beyond occasional activities or competitions by empowering your employees to create healthy habits. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of a wellness culture to help you determine whether you should develop one for your organization.

Increased productivity

Employees who are healthy and feeling their best become productivity powerhouses. When they’re physically and mentally on point, they’re more likely to tackle tasks with energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency.

Increased employee engagement

By showing that you care about their well-being, you ignite that spark of engagement. And engaged employees are committed and passionate about their work. Someone who’s happy and healthy at work is more likely to give their all and love what they do.

Reduced stress

Stress saps energy, reduces focus, and can lead to burnout. But when you create a culture of wellness, you equip your team with stress-busting tools and a supportive environment. Less stress means more happiness and productivity!

Decreased absenteeism

A healthy workforce means fewer cases of the sniffles spreading like wildfire around the office — investing in wellness reduces the number of sick days taken.

Improved employee retention

Happy, healthy employees are more likely to stick around for the long haul. A lower turnover rate means less time and fewer resources spent on recruiting and training new talent.


A Holistic Approach to Wellness

A lotus iconWhen you think about employee wellness, it’s important to take a holistic approach. Go beyond exercise or diet and think big picture.

Promote wellness holistically and cultivate a culture that encourages your employees to:

  • Refresh the mind by improving outlook on life, enhancing relationships with others, stimulating the brain, and reducing stress
  • Defend and prevent by warding off illness and disease, tracking health indicators, and practicing self-care
  • Invest through making informed and effective decisions with financial resources
  • Move more by exercising the body, strengthening the heart, and stretching the muscles
  • Nourish the body by choosing healthy foods, improving eating habits, and sleeping well


How to Cultivate a Culture of Wellness

A young plant iconThere are a lot of ways you support and encourage your employees’ health and wellness.

Here are eight simple ways you can promote a culture of wellness at your workplace.

  1. Create a quarterly employee newsletter sharing information and resources on one topic.
  2. Offer healthy snacks such as protein bars and fresh fruit in the break room.
  3. Participate in one-on-one walking meetings instead of sit-down meetings, or hold group Wednesday Wellness Walks as an opportunity to connect with others, get some fresh air, and refocus.
  4. Sponsor fun walks or runs in your community, or organize a steps challenge.
  5. Provide mental health resources or activities for your employees, such as practicing mindful moments during meetings.
  6. Encourage participation in volunteer activities to foster connection and community outreach. At Audigy our community-outreach team organizes clothing and food donations throughout the year to support local nonprofit organizations.
  7. Partner with a financial advisor and host a financial-planning workshop for employees.
  8. Offer annual hearing screenings or a flu-vaccination clinic.

We guarantee your investment in the health and wellness of your employees will be well worth it. Make wellness not just a goal but a way of life at your workplace.

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