10 Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Dec 19, 2023 | Marketing

Making mistakes in business can seem inevitable — particularly with marketing, given all of the trial and error, and uncertainty as to which tactics will bring results. Let’s look at that inevitability from a fresh perspective — what if we pivot? We can start looking at those mistakes more like spilling coffee on your keyboard — messy and avoidable!

For small companies and ancillary departments, the stakes are high. You can’t afford to play marketing roulette. So let’s dive into some common mistakes and learn how to sidestep them with style.


  1. Neglecting Your Marketing Plan
    You must have a marketing plan and follow it — it’s your blueprint for success. Not having a marketing plan is like navigating a maze blindfolded; it’s much easier to do with a road map. Set growth goals, define strategies, and stay within your budget. Ready to level up? Craft your marketing plan now!

  3. Dodging the Competition
    Competing directly is old-fashioned. Instead, showcase what makes you unique! What makes you shine? Create marketing magic that sets you apart from the pack. Ready to stand out? Sit down and make a list of what is singular about your business, and use that as your guiding star when it comes to marketing.

  5. Disregarding Measurable Goals
    Not setting KPIs is like playing darts in the dark — you need to track your results! With Google Analytics, trackable phone numbers, pay-per-click ads, and word-of-mouth referrals, tracking marketing results is easy. You’ll know what’s scoring and what’s missing the bull’s-eye. Read more about KPIs here.

  7. Monogamy With Marketing Tactics
    One single tactic will not be able to reach 100% of the prospects in your market. Don’t put all of your marketing eggs in one basket! Diversify across digital, print, generating referrals, etc. Cast a wide net to catch more prospects. Mix it up!

  9. Impatience, the Silent Killer
    If you’re looking for a “silver bullet” in marketing — one idea that will knock all others out of the park and will work every time — you won’t find it. Marketing is a slow dance, not a quickstep. Patience is the secret. Each tactic builds on the last, creating a marketing symphony. Embrace the rhythm!

  11. Ghosting Existing Customers
    Don’t be the spouse who forgets your anniversary! Existing customers are golden. Nurture those relationships because they’re the backbone of your success story. Ready to rekindle? Shower your existing customers with love and attention.

  13. Target Market Amnesia
    You are not necessarily the target audience! Identify your market. Remember that prospective patients aren’t always located near your business, and some customers are willing to make the trek for quality care. Know where Cupid’s arrow should land. Find your bull’s-eye and make a straight shot for your target market now.

  15. Fear of Trying aka Analysis Paralysis
    Don’t be a wallflower on the dance floor of marketing! Test the waters. The world of marketing is constantly changing, so you must be willing to pivot in order to keep up and stay relevant. Delaying your marketing decisions postpones the evaluation of their effectiveness and the influx of new patients.

  17. Team Unpreparedness Drama
    Upcoming marketing event? Don’t leave your team in the dark or assume they’re preparing on their own. Be the director and train them for the spotlight! If you have an upcoming marketing event, be sure that everyone on your team is aware of the event details and knows the script — prepare a list of how they should answer patient questions.

  19. Ignoring Referral Gold Mines
    Referrals are the golden tickets of marketing — trusted recommendations beat Google or Yelp any day. Not only that, reaching out to physicians gives you the opportunity to educate. Not all physicians are aware that hearing loss is associated with multiple medical conditions. Providing this knowledge can help keep you top of mind with them when their patients are in need of a referral. Ready to turn heads? Unlock the power of referrals.


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