Thank You and Congratulations Misty Stern

January 15, 2021 — Vancouver, Washington


Dear Audigy family,

Since we launched Audigy in October 2004, personal, professional, and financial goals have been the foundation of who we are and what Audigy is about.

Misty Stern, Executive Vice President, is near and dear to all of us in the Audigy family. Misty is my only sibling (we’re two years and two days apart) and is far more academically inclined than me. In November 2004, I reached out to Misty (who was living in Arizona) and invited her to fly out to Vancouver, Washington, to meet with Brandon Dawson, Audigy’s founder and CEO. Brandon hired her as a marketing intern, making her employee No. 2.

Audigy isn’t just a company; it is a way of life. We get to live our lives through this amazing team and community we call our family. Having Misty be a part of this journey has been a real honor and privilege. We both have grown up professionally together in this business. As the first two employees, we’ve navigated life as a startup and learned how to develop our business model and take it to market.

Misty has held many positions over the years and done an incredible job of supporting Audigy every step of the way. The skills and talents that she brought to this company have helped create and lay the foundation for who we are today.



I think we can all agree that Misty is one of the most compassionate, caring, and kind individuals that we’ve ever met. She is also one of the sharpest individuals that we’ve had on the executive team, sharing her insights as we’ve helped grow this company. She also has a polite way of bringing me back to center and reality when I get a little carried away.

As many of you may know, Misty went on maternity leave in April 2019 and spent six months at home caring for baby Julian. Since October 2019, she has been working on a very limited and remote part-time basis. Misty has decided to step away from Audigy and remain a full-time mother to Julian.

Misty, from all of us here: You’re not only someone we love, trust, and respect; you are a piece of the Audigy family, and we wouldn’t be the company we are today if it weren’t for you. We are all inspired by this next chapter you get to write as a mother. Congrats, Misty Mae, on achieving your ultimate PPF, motherhood. Your footprint and influence are on every piece of this company, and I’m honored to have served the last 16 years with you. I wouldn’t be the teammate and leader I am without your influence, guidance, and support.

I will forever be indebted and grateful to you,

Mason B. Walker