87.5% Increase in Hearing Aid Evaluations



The practice needed a more streamlined approach to its documentation and processes — which, at the time, may have been causing patient attrition — and could benefit from greater use of technology.


A comprehensive on-site assessment of the practice’s cultural, operational, and financial operations uncovered key opportunities to help improve flow and conversion, streamline clinical decision making, and reduce patient attrition.


Setting criteria for hearing aid candidates, determining core pricing levels for the audiology department, tightening up patient-documentation needs, and more helped increase hearing aid evaluations by 87.5%.

Changes Implemented in Consultation With the Practice to Achieve the 87.5% Growth in Hearing Aid Evaluations Included:

Creation of Efficient Practice Guidelines

  • Creating clinical practice guidelines to help ensure consistency in documentation, ordering, and scheduling of HAEs for hearing loss patients

Standardizing Pricing & Treatment Programs

  • Solidifying audiology pricing, treatment plan and warranty approaches; evaluation of insurance contracts; and consideration of a patient-adoption plan for optimal patent care and profitability

Exclusive KPI Tracking Technology

  • Leveraging technology such as Audigy Medical’s exclusive Pulse platform to track conversions, sales, and other critical, actionable data

Professional Development

  • Implementing Patients for Life®, including providing on-site training in Audigy Medical’s proven process for delivering consistently exceptional patient experiences across providers and staff

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