Fine-Tuning Processes Increases Efficiency and Revenue by 29%


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Andy Daly




A university-affiliated practice in the Northwest experienced six years of flat or declining revenue. A cross-functional analysis revealed untapped potential across four dimensions of the practice.


In order to reverse the decline in revenue, Audigy Medical’s COPM-C certified consultants worked to fine-tune the practice’s existing processes among four key areas.


With a more operationally efficient practice, they saw revenue increasing. From June 2017 to June 2018, hearing aid revenue increased by 29%.

Solution to Increasing Hearing Aid Revenue by 29%:

Creating a Culture for Growth

  • Developed career pathways for each team member
  • Bridged the gap between the university’s and practice’s performance metrics
  • Implemented best practices to move patients from diagnosis to treatment

Standardizing Operations for a More Efficient Practice

  • Helped create a standard of care for hearing aid patients
  • Provided a data-driven analysis of the current monthly capacity for hearing aid evaluations
  • Increased the hearing aid evaluation time to optimize the likelihood of a conversion
  • Coached the department head on best practices for reporting

Building and Launching a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

To ensure the practice brings in a consistent flow of the right patients, the Audigy Medical marketing team created a comprehensive marketing plan that included:

  • Creating an annual marketing plan and budget
  • Creating materials branding the practice and supporting the hearing aid leasing program
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy, including paid search and a monthly e-newsletter

Developing a Finance Plan and Budgets for a Profitable Practice

The Audigy Medical team did a complete financial review of the ENT practice to ensure pricing and compensation plans.

  • Developed a hearing aid leasing program
  • Educated the department on measuring the university’s key performance indicators
  • Reviewed the budget and annual planning
  • Analyzed the profitability of the current FTEs


Learn about all of Audigy solutions and services. Schedule a informational meeting today.

Andy Daly

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