A Print Marketing Tactic With a Cost per Appointment of $107?

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Andy Daly



Jeff Shannon, owner of Hudson Valley Audiology Center, wanted a proven way to increase patient flow and establish his practice as a respected community resource.


With Audigy’s support, he began sending out a print newsletter three times a year to educate patients, position him and his team as trusted advisors, and boost patient loyalty.


His newsletters are regularly featured among our members’ top-performing marketing pieces. His summer 2022 issue ended up with an impressive cost per appointment of $107!

Why a Newsletter?

A print newsletter is a simple, affordable, proven marketing tactic that provides that personal touch no other practice could compete with.

Plus, patients hang on to the newsletter because of the compelling offer, useful tips, and educational content, keeping the practice top of mind.


What’s the Secret?


Update your patient database, then keep it current and tidy — the time and energy are well worth it.


Consistency builds trust in your brand and keeps you top of mind. Dr. Shannon has sent out a newsletter every spring, summer, and winter for more than seven years.


Zero in on your ideal audience. Dr. Shannon targets current patients, patients who have technology that’s at least four years old, and tested-not-treated patients.


Consider your audience’s interests. The team at Hudson Valley takes the content-selection process seriously, customizing their newsletter with a special focus on the staff for that crucial human connection.

Comprehensive Approach

The print newsletter is one piece of an overall strategy that includes quality care (naturally), patient-care calls, regular clean and checks, and radio and print ads.

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