Paid Search Marketing Leads to 92% More Appointments

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Andy Daly



Roseburg Audiology wanted to bolster their online presence and be more competitive in areas that their already strong organic presence was somewhat limiting.


Create a strategic paid search marketing campaign that focuses on specific keywords, zip codes, and messaging that reached an untapped market and ensured they had a consistent online presence.


The paid search marketing campaign generated 83% more calls, and 92% more appointments compared to their other traditional forms of marketing.

What Sets Paid Search Marketing Apart

Lower cost per call isn’t the only benefit paid search has compared to traditional marketing.



Tactics can be changed at any time. Want to target a new city or ZIP code? Let us know — it can be activated instantly.

More Data

Google provides us an extensive amount of data, so we can see how your campaign is performing, whether from a wide scope or among the minor details.

Better Quality = Cheaper Clicks

Google rewards high-quality ads with a lower cost per click. Audigy is a Google Premier Partner, which is only given to 3% of Google Partners — in other words, they recognize us as experts. Our status means your budget goes further

Ready to Achieve These Results?

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Andy Daly

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