$50K in Expected Savings With Audigy IT Services



As an established California practice with providers and office staff across six busy locations, CSG Better Hearing Center, Inc. needed to upgrade its technology without breaking the budget.


In consultation with the practice, Audigy developed and executed a three-phase strategy to achieve Better Hearing Center’s goals.


With the upgrade complete, Better Hearing Center benefited not only from the power of newer technology but also from long-term savings of $50k over 5 years.

“Audigy IT service is second to none!

I believed we had a very good IT service before we transitioned to Audigy. It was a hard breakup! But it didn’t take long for me to get over it when I realized how much better Audigy’s service is. No one on our staff ever complains, and our equipment is current and reliable.”

— Cathy Howard, Accounting and Operations Manager CSG Better Hearing Center, Inc.

Three-Phase Solution to Increased Security and Cost-Savings

Phase 1

Foundational upgrades, including new server, backup server, HIPAA-compliant cloud backup, new firewall, adoption of Microsoft Office 365, recycling of old technology, and transition from prior vendor to Audigy IT Services

Phase 2

Hardware upgrades, including replacing one PC a month across locations, focusing first on the computers with highest use until all were up to acceptable performance standards

Phase 3

Assist with the upgrade of audiological equipment to PC-based audiometers for more complete automation of testing and diagnostic procedures

Reduced Costs and Increased Security Are At Your Fingertips With Audigy IT Services