An Optimized Website Leads to a 160% Increase In Phone Calls

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Andy Daly



One of the Chesapeake Hearing Center’s newer locations wasn’t quite as top-of-mind in the market — and there was competition — so the business sought an even stronger digital presence to drive more traffic.


The goal is always to bring in more patients for less money. To help increase conversions, Audigy’s digital experts took create a more user friendly website and more simplified conversion points.


The digital strategy has conversions on the rise, with increased form submissions and more calls from the website’s request-appointment page and location page, this included a 160% increase in phone calls.

A More Modern Web Build With Provider Focus

First the digital team updated the business’s web presence with a more modern build. In support of the practice’s theory that prospective patients would first seek to learn about the providers, the team made
this information easily accessible on the home page

A/B Testing Modifications

Second, the team has been A/B testing modifications to the request-appointment page and the individual location pages to determine how best to set up the conversion points for users. The goal? Increase the number of form submissions and calls coming in from these pages by improving the user experience and making the calls to action more prominent

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Andy Daly

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