A comprehensive view for increased business awareness

What opportunities might you be missing out on? Audigy’s Business Development Team delivers the information and strategic direction needed to help you capitalize on the unique opportunities in your market and within your practice that lead to goal achievement.


Interested in expanding into new markets? Looking to increase your market presence in your existing practice boundary? Want to know what it takes to acquire a practice? Our Business Development Team can help you make the right decision at the right time for your desired vision of growth.


Ready to retire or move on to the next step that’s right for you? It’s never too early to start planning your succession plan. We’ll help you establish a fair market value for your business, offer strategies for eliminating outstanding debt, and help you court potential buyers for your practice. This is your legacy. It deserves the right strategy.


The cornerstone of our members’ business transformations, this comprehensive, in-depth plan is designed to drive you through the next three to five years of your practice’s growth. The Practice Maturity Platform identifies your current and future practice opportunities in your market, in your staff, and even in yourself so you can truly achieve the type of growth you’ve always desired. With dedicated Strategic Business Unit, Shared Services, and Business Development teams on your side in implementing this plan, you and your staff have a winning formula for unprecedented success!


Are you spending your dollars or reinvesting them? A healthy practice needs cash flow for sustainability and growth, but you need the right strategy in place in order to truly achieve this. The Audigy Business Development Team will help you understand what’s possible in your business today and tomorrow, while also helping you to understand what peers in similar markets are able to achieve. We’ll create real benchmarks to measure your success and plot a clear, actionable plan to achieve it!

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