Call Tracking

PRISM – Audigy’s Custom Call Tracking Solution

  • Improve marketing ROI by precisely diagnosing lead quality
  • Schedule more appointments and convert more patients by identifying true prospects
  • Use call recordings to identify areas of needed improvement for coaching call handling
  • Use inbound-call data to maximize marketing efforts

With PRISM, the patient-call experience is also analyzed through a specific set of criteria to identify strengths and opportunities for continued improvement. Comparing your results to Member standards provides a powerful view outside the walls of your practice. With this information, an improvement coaching plan can then be crafted with a Professional Development Manager, leading to better marketing results, more appointments, and a Patients for Life® experience for your patients.

Patients for Life

Local and Toll-Free Call Tracking Numbers

Place a PRISM number on each marketing or advertising campaign. PRISM automatically tracks and records each call as it rings through to your practice.

Discover Which Ad Campaigns Generate the Most Leads

Track every inbound prospect and use call recording to determine your return on investment and cost per prospect/appointment to provide transparency of your marketing performance, allowing the opportunity to make more strategic decisions quicker as to where best to invest marketing spend.

Capture More Leads

How many inbound revenue opportunities do you convert to appointments and how many are mishandled? Monitor inbound leads for better performance management.

Online Reporting

Reports and call logs analyze marketing performance so critical business decisions can be made to generate more leads, track ad spending, and train staff. If you prefer, reports can also be scheduled for regular email delivery.


Human analysts listen to inbound calls and categorize those calls into prospects and non-prospects to provide accurate analysis of your marketing return on investment and cost per prospect. This process provides the insight necessary to determine which advertising dollars drive the highest number of viable inbound prospects. Filtering out the non-prospect calls reveals your true cost-per-prospect and cost-per-appointment numbers.

Audigy Professional Development

Our team will guide your staff through the call process and optimize the number of conversions.

Call tracking is the foundation of performance management for both marketing investment and professional staff development.

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