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In collaboration with our partner at PeopleKeep, we are hosting a webinar to provide more insight on the QSEHRA plan option, or Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement.

Join us on Friday, March 8, to discover how your small business can attract, recruit, and retain talent by offering a QSEHRA plan to your employees.

Learn more about a new way to reimburse employees for health insurance and medical expenses, tax-free, while delivering a customized benefit option to your employees that allows the business to control the costs.

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Vendor Contact: JD Cleary
Phone: 435.659.2923
*Available to U.S. Members.

MG Development

Patients have many choices when selecting a practice for their hearing technology and services. So how do you create patient loyalty? What differentiates one practice from the other? Trust, top-notch service, and an overall great patient care experience. This confidence in the practice helps continue to build brand loyalty over the competition. The Audigy brand helps to separate from the competition by providing a unique and excellent patient experience. Brand loyalty is achieved by having great audiologists, front office staff, hearing technology, and hearing technology accessories. By combining all of these, Audigy really creates and earns that bond with the patient.

MG Development also believes in brand loyalty and is honored to partner with Audigy to provide AGX®-branded products. Their hygiene and maintenance products help to ensure patients maintain their hearing technology and keep them working at an optimum level. Patient satisfaction is also very high with the continued use of these products. As a partner of Audigy, we look forward to working with the network in 2019. These products not only offer brand advocacy but additional revenue stream for clinics.

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Vendor Contact: Ben Shortslef
Phone: 844.878.0188
*Available to U.S. and Canada Members.

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