Audigy Members Put Patients First at Annual Owner Summit Event

Putting patients above all else in pursuit of delivering elite hearing care experiences, nearly 200 key industry thought leaders from the Audigy membership and corporate team met in Carlsbad, Calif., February 16-18 to plot the future of private-practice audiology.

At their annual Owner Summit event, Audigy Members discussed the latest techniques in digital and physician marketing, telemedicine, and personalized concierge services, as well as adapting to a shifting marketplace. The prevalence of personal sound amplification and hearable technology is creating new opportunities for educating local residents and physicians about the connections between hearing and total body health.

Citing an unprecedented confluence of the aging baby-boomer population, the public’s embracing of health-monitoring technology, and scientific and consumer studies emphasizing patient-provider relationships, Audigy Members have positioned themselves as the principal alternative to the direct-to-consumer strategies touted online and in big-box stores.

“There is no better time and no better position to be in than the one you’re in right now,” stated Audigy founder and CEO Brandon Dawson as he addressed the crowd. “There’s a shift taking place in the industry, and it’s causing fear and resistance amongst many in the profession. But you’re all here because you understood precisely how important private practice is to patients and providers. Now is the time. And the future looks bright for each and every one of you.”

The entire Audigy executive team provided attendees an industry update, program innovations, and visionary strategies for membership growth. Also featured was the introduction of the Audigy Member Advisory Board, an annually nominated committee comprised of influential Audigy Members designed to ensure that practices of all sizes from every corner of North America have an equal level of impact on the shape of Audigy as it continues to evolve.

Noted public-speaking expert and author Dr. Paul Homoly presented to attendees in both large and small group formats to illustrate his concepts in creating patient connections through the art of emotional- and data-driven storytelling, where the audience’s needs — not the speaker’s — always come first. His inimitable style, a combination of humor, heart, and science, reinforced the value of Audigy’s Patients for Life® process and the core mission of each practice owner’s commitment to being the bedrock of their community’s hearing health.

“The industry knows it. The manufacturers know it. We’ve always known it,” said Audigy president Mason Walker. “You represent something entirely unique in the hearing care space. Now is the time for us to stand together as one. You have a substantial voice that few others do. The power of your influence cannot be ignored.”

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