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Patient-friendly scheduling platform set to expand in ENT and audiology


Jan. 4, 2018, VANCOUVER, Wash. — In a first for the ear, nose, and throat health care market, practice management consulting company Audigy Medical LLC has teamed with Baltimore health technology firm Everseat to increase patient access and provider efficiency through Everseat’s groundbreaking scheduling platform.

Operational efficiency is a key driver in our members’ success,” said Connon Samuel, Audigy Medical’s chief operating officer. “Time is valuable, so we’re pleased to launch an alliance that helps ENT and audiology practices better manage the appointment process for the benefit of their teams, their patients, and their business.”

Everseat’s software platform, which lets patients find and book appointments 24/7 and allows providers to automatically fill cancellations and no-shows, disrupts the medical sector’s lengthy wait times with a solution that improves workflow and puts patients first.

Medical staff may spend 30 minutes or more calling waitlists to rebook canceled appointments, according to Everseat estimates, but a practice using the software solution could contact and rebook a canceled appointment with another patient in as little as 20 seconds — without the need for a single phone call.

The comprehensive platform helps connect patients with providers by automatically notifying patients of open appointments via email, text message, or the Everseat mobile app. In addition, the platform provides appointment reminders, which can be configured to go out via email, text messages, and phone calls. It has been particularly successful with hearing-impaired patients, for whom calling to book or reschedule an appointment can be difficult, time-consuming, and even painful. Everseat offers a more comfortable alternative.

Everseat has been a game-changer for our office,” said Dr. Brian Kaplan, FACS, a physician and owner at Ear, Nose & Throat Associates at Greater Baltimore Medical Center and an Everseat co-founder. “The platform has allowed patients quicker access to appointments while greatly reducing the number of daily phone calls. Removing work from an already busy office staff while improving profitability is always the goal. Most important, Everseat accomplishes this while significantly improving our patient access, satisfaction, and quality of timely care.”

The exclusive partnership with Everseat makes Audigy Medical the first practice-management company to roll out the platform — which is free to patients — in the ENT space and the only such agency to do so in the audiology industry.


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Everseat is a comprehensive solution that solves the age-old challenge of getting a doctor’s appointment when you really need one, without having to wait on hold or make a series of phone calls. For health care providers, Everseat is a solution that ensures their open schedule slots are filled with the right patients every time. We boost access for patients and both revenue and reputation. Learn more at



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