Marketing Team

A full-service agency with all of your design, content, media and digital marketing strategy under one roof

  • Adrienne Entwistle
    Adrienne Entwistle Senior Media Buyer
  • Ali House
    Ali House Senior Corporate Graphic Designer
  • April Orme
    April Orme Graphic Designer
  • Austin Peachey
    Austin Peachey Senior Web Producer
  • Ben Woodruff
    Ben Woodruff Web Specialist
  • Candace Chin
    Candace Chin Organic Manager
  • Candace Fox
    Candace Fox Marketing Coordinator
  • Casey Mirick
    Casey Mirick Senior Events Manager
  • Catie Alford
    Catie Alford Senior Manager of Marketing Coordination and Projects
  • David Kerr
    David Kerr Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Donna Dawson
    Donna Dawson Content Specialist
  • Eric Brende
    Eric Brende Senior Manager of Digital Strategy and Analytics
  • Harrison Horblit
    Harrison Horblit Content Specialist
  • Isabela Oliveira
    Isabela Oliveira Proofer
  • Jeff Ireland
    Jeff Ireland Copywriter
  • Jenn Boedeker
    Jenn Boedeker Web Specialist
  • Joanne Kessler
    Joanne Kessler Senior Media Buyer
  • John Loveridge
    John Loveridge Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Jordan McEntaffer
    Jordan McEntaffer Associate Graphic Designer
  • Kate Bluhm
    Kate Bluhm Email Marketing Manager
  • Kristina Salinas
    Kristina Salinas Marketing Coordinator
  • Margo Osborne
    Margo Osborne Proofer / Copy Editor
  • Mati Hendrickson
    Mati Hendrickson Senior Marketing Coordinator
  • Matt Dyrland-Marquis
    Matt Dyrland-Marquis Design Manager
  • Michelle Liljedahl
    Michelle Liljedahl Senior Director of Marketing Shared Services
  • Morgan Stone
    Morgan Stone Creative Project Manager
  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller Senior Director of Brand Strategy
  • Nick Bare
    Nick Bare Paid Search Program Manager
  • Patti White
    Patti White Content Manager
  • Rachel Taylor
    Rachel Taylor Graphic Designer
  • Seb Joseph
    Seb Joseph Marketing Coordinator
  • Shareefah Hoover
    Shareefah Hoover Copywriter
  • Victoria Moon
    Victoria Moon Associate Graphic Designer

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